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i love having conversations about anything! let’s get to know each other, it will make things more fun


-3c tips get a photo- 

-5c+ tips get a video-

 Content List: 

* will do customs, just ask and we’ll discuss prices, my limits and all *

• tits w/ face photo: 3c

• tits w/ no face photo : 2

• ass w/ face photo: 3c

• ass w/ no face photo: 2c 

• nude w/ face photo: 5c

• nude w/ no face photo: 4c

• fart clip (I have lots): 5c

• shower, set of 5 photos: 10

• black & white stockings, set of 5 photos: 8c

• red or blue lingerie, set of 5 photos: 8c

• pink, ass-less panties, set of 5 photos: 10c

• raven cosplay, set of 5 photos: 12c

• titty drop video: 12c

• bouncing boobs video: 12c 

• ass shaking video: 12c

• shower video: 15c

•nude, showing off my bush: 20c

• full nude(face included) fingering vid(3mins): 25c

• striptease (3mins): 25c

• pillow humping video #1 (3mins): 25c

• pillow humping (moans) #2 (3.5)mins: 30c

• raven cosplay striptease (3.5 mins): 30c

• raven cosplaying fingering (3 mins): 30c

• bdsm: flogging, pain, paddle (3mins): 30c

• raven cosplay dildo riding/sucking: (6mins): 50c

• vibrator play (3.5 mins): 30c

• back shot vibrator play & cum(4.5mins): 45c 

• fingering (close up/2 mins): 20c

• anal fingering (2 mins): 20c

• dildo riding (5.30 mins): 50c

• dildo blow job (5.45 mins): 50c

• dildo blow/boob job (4 mins): 40c

• a little bit of everything, watch me cum (8mins): 80c

• titty playing (4mins): 40c

• random 1 minute video: 10c (ask me about the kinds I have)

—> all purchases included a gift, i.e. extra picture(s)