Girls who lift, hot or not?


New Boy / Girl & Solo videos listed (see "New Content" list below)

Wanna see the current bod? Send me a message with "new bod" for a couple nudies. I'd love to hear what you think of the ever-changing me.

I lost 50 pounds in the last year. All of my old "heavier" content is still available. See Old Content list below. ALL OLD CONTENT IS 3 CREDITS PER VIDEO (INCLUDING B/G) 

Hi! I’m SexySparkle. I am a 24-year-old vegan bodybuilder with a passion for putting a smile on as many faces as possible. While I'm a sweet girl with a big heart, I also have a little splash of sass (and ass). 

Why am I on MGF? To make friends and explore my sexuality! There’s a bad girl deep down inside my innocent self, I just know it. Help me find her?

What do I do on MGF? I currently am working on creating content since losing weight / putting on muscle. I have pre-made photos and videos listed below for very cheap. I also enjoy messaging (it's like having a pen pal!), creating custom videos and photos, and cock ratings (my absolute favorite thing to do).



I'm now 135 pounds (due to weight loss, then muscle gain). I'm fitter than ever! This is my new content list. I still have a huge old content list featuring me at 5'7" and 168 pounds (not overweight or gross, just not super skinny). See the list after this one for that content.

NEWEST B/G Video: 8-inch cock has his way with me while I'm bent over my desk working. Short skirt, great ass. He shoots a big load in me. 4 min. 20 credits.

NEW B/G Video: Boyfriend sees me making him breakfast and decides it's a good time to fuck. We both cum hard. He fills me up ;) 6-minute video. OUR BEST YET! 30 credits.

New B/G video: I wake my boyfriend up with a BJ. He returns the favor by filling my pussy with cum. 8 minutes. 35 credits.

NEW Solo Video: I model my new lingerie for you! Lacey, black, camisole-style. 3 minutes. 5 credits.

Bonus! I ended up getting horny and playing with myself (wand toy) in my new lingerie. I cum HARD. 6 minutes. 20 credits. Or get BOTH the modeling & masturbation video for 22 credits.


All content on my "Old Content" list is 3 credits each.

I recently lost 50 pounds of fat and started putting on muscle. This is my old "heavier" content list, and features me at 5'7" and 160 pounds. Not overweight or gross, but not super skinny. If you're into skinnier content, keep your eye out for my new content in the above list.


All videos are hosted on MGF in 1080p HD


Masturbating while watching lesbian porn (10+ min.) – I get off to lesbian porn! 

Shower play (10+ min.) –  I get dirty in the shower with my 7-inch realistic dildo. 

Shower play 2 (10+ min.) – I get dirty in the shower with my 7-inch realistic dildo and cum hard. 

First time using a dildo (14+ min.) – I open up my first dildo on camera and then use it. The experience is mind-blowing and I cum hard. Cameraman got the best angles possible and even got some good closeups. 

Booty show-off (10+ min.) – I strip from little blue shorts, to panties, to nothing as I spread my cheeks and show off. 

Ass worship (8+ min) – I show off in jeans and strip down until my bottom half has nothing. I spread and lightly explore. 

Pantyhose and playing show-off (10+ min.) – I tease you in my tight black dress, black pantyhose, and red heels. Then, I lift up the dress and masturbate. 

Solo roleplay, seducing my neighbor (5+ min.) – my neighbor’s wife (my best friend) isn’t home, so it’s time for me to go show off for him. 

Solo roleplay, seducing my English teacher (11+ min.) – my English teacher helped me with some work, so it’s time for his reward: a pretty show from a hot student. 

Trying on panties (6+ min.) – I try on all sorts of types of panties: bikini, boy-short, and everything in between. Tons of colors and materials. 

Black teddy bodysuit play with thigh highs (3+ min.) – I wear sexy lingerie and tease myself a little. 


New! Cream pie (14+ min.) - Tons of doggy-style! Sexy red lingerie. Ass bouncing. He finishes inside me and we give a close-up shot of it dripping out! 

Facial (8+ min.) – I masturbate a little and my 8-inch partner helps. Then, we have some fun sex. He cums all over my face, tits, and belly. My first facial ever. 

Cream pie (15+ min.) – I play with him, suck him a little, and we have sex. I ride him, he pounds me doggy-style, and to finish, he cums in my pussy and gives the audience a close-up to see it. 

Mutual masturbation (15+ min.) – 8-inch partner and I play with ourselves together, and watch one another. Then I help him. 

Dirty boy-girl shower play (6+ min.) – watch us get anything but clean in the shower. I get railed, and then he cums all over my chest. 

Fucked against the bed (10+ min.) – I give my 8-inch partner a show and he bends me over the bed to fuck me hard. He cums inside of me.

Jerk, suck, and fuck (10+ min.) – I jerk and suck my partner until he fucks me doggy-style and cums inside of me. 


Balloon popping (5+ min.) – I pop 25 balloons with my booty while wearing sexy red lingerie. These are non-helium balloons. 

Painting my toes red (4+ min.) – I show off my feet in cute, colored socks. Then, I show off my nude feet, and finally, I paint my toes. 

Hair wetting and hair washing – 10+ videos of me just wetting my hair and showing it off, as well as videos of me washing my hair and showing it off. Please message me for more details. 



Sexy in panties (25+ photos) – me in various types of panties, mix of closeups and full-body shots.

Nude selfies (20+ photos) – fully nude selfie-style photos. 

Pretty pussy (10+ photos) – close-ups of my pretty pussy, shaved and clean. 

Black stockings and red heels (20+ photos) – watch me make naughty look classy. Mixture of sexy innocence and masturbation photos. 

Tit focus (25+ photos) – photos that focus on the tits, mixture of nude and semi-clothed. 

Booty focus (35+ photos) – photos that focus on the booty, mixture of nude and semi-clothed. 

Black and white business casual (25+ photos) – black and white photos featuring me looking sexy in minimal business attire. 

Black and white kitchen (30+ photos) – cooking up something hot in the kitchen wearing minimal clothing and showing off my assets. 

Black and white sexy couch posing (15 photos) – me in a sexy black dress teasing you with sneak peeks of the goods. 

Black teddy-style bodysuit with thigh highs and red heels (50+ photos) – posing sexy in tight lingerie and high heels. 


BJ (7 photos) – photos with a real, white, 8-inch penis in my mouth. Non-POV. 


Christmas fun (40+ photos) – photos with MGF’s GlamourBabe in minimal sexy Christmas attire. 


Feet in stockings (9 photos) – featuring various angles of my feet in black stockings. 

Feet with red-painted toes (10+ photos) – featuring various angles of my nude feet with red-painted toes.