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Camming with a new Microsoft HD webcam!

~~Filming in 1080p HD~~

New Goal for 2018 $674/$1650

100% of my goal money for 2018 will be going towards growing my business! Help this entrepreneur achieve her goal to reduce overhead and gain momentum. 

Profile updated January 25, 2018!




Things I need:

Rent (yawn)

Things I want:

GoPro Hero+ with WiFi
Paint & Canvas
New leather Moccasins
College Graduation Ring
I got new hi-hats! (well, they are used, but new to me...) So thanks to everyone who has made a contribution in the past few months!


I love talking about music, and make custom videos to a song of your choice. And I bet you can't guess my favorite type of music!  I also play the drums and harmonica, although I'm better at one than the other.

I'm really into playing older games like Super Mario and Chrono Trigger but I also like PC games. I'm addicted to Minecraft.

I'm a starving artist with a Bachelor of Science and working on a Master's in Genetics. I'm sort of a brainy sexy type with a side you wouldn't suspect if you were in class with me. I'm saving up to start my own art studio and business. All your contributions are going towards saving for renovating a studio space. I like talking and I love flirting so if I'm online message me for some good conversations!

I love all kinds of nerds! Music nerds, computer nerds, and science nerds above all! I wanna meet some guys that are into video games and comic books, as that's always interested me and I want to learn more about both! =]

$1 per pic (Getting more than one gets you extras)

$5 per custom pic (fan signs?)

Pic sets:

Jammin on Drums & Guitar
Rectal temp + Anal plug
Sexy Native American

Black Lingerie tease
Wet Dreams
Lotion on


HD Video & Chat:

Chat away! Chat requests always welcome. I make all custom vids and always live cam in HD.
Cam: $1/min
Naughty Cam: $3.50/min

Playtime Vids:

HD: "Daddy's Little Girl" 12 minutes roleplay & ageplay solo vid $20
HD "Pepe Review & Compilation" 10 minutes with my Jackrabbit vibrator Pepe III $8
HD: JOI with creamy ending 10 minutes $12
HD: "Strip n Play" 12 minutes, (Short strip to music, followed by playtime with toys) $20
HD: "Couch Potato Play" 8 minute toy play on the couch  $15

HD: "Anal" Playtime vid, 10 minutes (on my back feet in air) $20
HD: "Couch Potato Anal" 8 minutes (on the couch anal) $20

"Pepe" Playtime vid, 10 minutes (on my back, feet in air, full nude), $15

"Seclusion" Playtime vid 12 minutes (Full nude) $15
"First" Playtime vid 12 minutes (lingerie to full nude POV with toys) $12

"Strip N Tease" I strip to music, then taste my own wet pussy. $10

Custom videos start at $3.50/min

Available Fetish Videos:

HD: Looner vids, popping balloons in bra & panties $2
HD:  Looner vid, popping balloons in schoolgirl outfit $2

HD: Fudgsicle, 9 minutes of teasing chocolaty goodness, $4
HD: Sweet Bread, 4 min of eating Mexican "Pan Dulce" $4

HD: Watch me wash my unshaved kitty, 2 min, $2
HD vid, Soapy shower time, 8 min, $5
Shower vid 10 minutes, $2
Hair Wash 15 minutes (fully clothed), $15

HD: Work Dress Code Spanking $6
HD: Trying on Clothes 9 minutes $4

HD: Painting my toes 13 minutes $6