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Hi guys!  My name is Rosie.  Here you can find all of my sexy goodies.  I offer cam shows, as well as custom and pre-shot content.  I am fetish friendly and sweet as candy.  My cam shows and content are of excellent quality.

I'm a 32 business woman.  I have very long red hair and green eyes.  117 lbs and my measurements are 36, 29, 37.  DD cup natural breasts, long legs, and yes I've got hair down there (landing strip or patch :D).

Aside from all of the sexy stuff, I'm a very laid back girl.  I love music.  My two absolute favorite bands are Radiohead and Ween.  I also love watching movies, horror and drama being my favorite genres.  For fun I like to find a good movie to watch or go out partying with my friends.  I also love to cook, and I'm very good at it. 


"Second Nude Juggling Tutorial- First Trick- Sky High" $15




My phone finally bit the dust and I had to grab a new one. I got a nice phone but I got it on one of those DUMB payment plans because I needed it right away. I wanna pay this bitch off! Any and all help is much appreciated!


I have a top of the line HD webcam (Logitech C922), and offer sound with my shows.  I also love cam2cam!  I offer a wide variety of show types.  Just tell me what you're into.  I have lots of toys.  I'm very open to different fetishes.

If you would like me to change into a specific outfit I can do so for and up front show contribution.

$50 - 10 Minutes

$75 - 15 Minutes

$100 - 20 Minutes

$110 - 25 Minutes

$150 - 30 Minutes

Nutrition Coaching!!!- Nude or Non-Nude

Did you know I'm a certified nutrition coach?? I am :) And I'm happy to extend this service to my adult audience. To make it even more interesting and fun (and probably make it stick better) I am excited to offer these sessions in the nude! Contact me to schedule or ask me for this type of session when you see me online. There is a 30 minute minimum for nutrition coaching sessions. Anything less than that would be a disservice to you. 

Life Coaching!!-Nude or Non-Nude

I am very well versed in general life coaching. I focus on mindset and making the mental shifts necessary to tackle issues in your life and get what you really want.  I'm tough!! I'll let you know that ahead of time. I am not certified in life coaching or a licensed therapist or social worker in any way. I will be only giving you the tools that I have learned myself and been living to make my life better. And I'll do it naked if you like! :) There is a 30 minute minimum for life coaching sessions. Anything less than that would be a disservice to you. 


    Fetish Clips $15 Each


-Big Toe Dangling- 4 Minutes: Dangling my black pumps from my big toes for as long as I can before they drop to the floor, then I tease you with a toe wiggle.

-Heel Dangling- 5 Minutes: Full body view.  Watch me dangle both of my pumps and tease you until they drop.  Then I wiggle my pretty toes for you.

-Extreme Leg Crossing & Dangling- 8 Minutes: Two different dresses, two different pairs of heels.  I slowly cross my legs very tightly until the top is wrapped around the bottom and dangle my shoe from my toe.

-Leg Crossing- 5 Minutes: Crossing and uncrossing my legs giving you a quick upskirt shot each time.

-Crushing Pretzels- 8 Minutes: Pulverizing several pretzels with my 6 inch platform heels.

-Crushing Bread- 4 Minutes: I stand on two pieces of break with one foot, one at a time, then put them together and stand on both.  You can see the toe marks on them when I'm done. This is how I'd stand on your hands/face/balls, or anywhere else that would hurt!

-Self Toe Sucking/Sole Licking- 3 Minutes: Showing off my sexy feet, sucking my pretty toes and licking my yummy soles for you.

-Heels & Oily Foot Rubbing- 7 Minutes: Sexy high heels, floor cam, pretty blue toenails, sexy soles, & oil rubbing

-Sexy Long Legged Yoga- You've always loved how flexible I am and how long my pretty legs are.  You know I do yoga but have never really seen me in action.  Now you can watch me do a whole workout while you work that cock.  Watch me do one of my favorite yoga workouts in my cute tight yoga pants and sexy workout top.  Lucky you catching a glimpse into my everyday life.  This clip is great for the both the dirty voyeur side of you and the side that likes to be given a little attention and a special treat. 20 Minutes

-Braiding My Hair Into Pigtails- 8 Minutes: Brushing my hair out and braiding it into two pretty pigtails.

-Long Hair Brushing- 4 Minutes: Brushing my long hair for you

-Long Hair WashingLong Hair Washing- 11 minutes: I lather up and rinse twice then condition my long locks over the kitchen sink.

-Wet Hair Brushing Over Face- 4 Minutes: After I washed my hair I brushed all the tangles out then proceeded to brush my long, red, wet hair over my face.

-Hand Lotion- 6 Minutes: Rubbing lots of hand cream into my hands while telling you how great it feels.

-Hand Worship- 10 Minutes: Worship my pretty hands while I rest my pretty face on them and talk about how much you love them.

-Tied Up, Oiled Up, & Tickled- 5 Minutes: Hands and feet bound, bare feet oiled up and tickled with a hair brush.

-Pantyhose Tease- 5 Minutes: Posing and dancing erotically as well as showing of my pretty feet while wearing suntan pantyhose and a satin bra. Sheer toe and panty. Nothing underneath.

-Pantyhose Toes- 5 Minutes: In my jet black pantyhose and satin bra, showing off my legs and ass, then giving you a nice long shot of me pointing and spreading my toes, and finally sucking the toes of both of my feet while wearing the pantyhose.

-Pantyhose Jerk Off Encouragement- 8 Minutes: Download Only. Non nude video where I show off my sexy legs, ass, and feet in my sheer toe/sheer panty suntan pantyhose while encouraging you to jerk off for me. I count you down and make you cum on my panthose.

-Adjusting My Pantyhose- 8 Minutes: Flash or Download. I'm sitting at my workspace minding my business when I realize you're enjoying watching my long legs in my suntan pantyhose. I notice my hose are a bit wrinkly and are in need of adjusting. I work out the wrinkles in my pantyhose from toe to panty while you watch, because I know you love it so much. 

-Black Pantyhose Bootyshake and Dirty Talk- 7 Minutes: Shaking my ass in black pantyhose while moaning, talking dirty to you, and giving you encouragement to stroke that cock for me.

-Wet & Messy Chocolate & Whipped Cream- 6 Minutes: I rub lots of chocolate frosting then a whole can of whipped cream all over my body

-Nude Oil Dance- 5 Minutes: Rubbing oil all over my naked body in the shower

-Messy Cake Video- 11 Minutes: Rubbing cake and icing all over my body.  I take a slice and stick in in my panties, then slip the panties off and continue to rub cake all over.

-Balloon Sitting & Popping, Jeans Booty- 2 Minutes: Wearing tight jeans I sit and bounce on several balloons in a chair until they pop.

-G String Balloon Sitting & Popping- 3 Minutes: Wearing my tiny black g string I sit on and pop lots of colorful balloons

-High Heel Balloon Popping- 2 Minutes: Popping colorful balloons with my 6 inch heels wearing sheer black stockings & garters

-Balloon Blow Up- 4 Minutes: Blowing up and surrounding myself with several colorful balloons

-Blow to Pop- 2 Minutes: Blowing a blue balloon to burst while wearing a white bikini


Nude Balloon Booty Bouncing- 6 Minutes, 446MB: I know you’re dying to see me blow up my balloons, strip naked and bounce my beautiful booty on them so that's exactly what I do! I bounce on my two balloons until my booty makes them go POP! 

-Bubblegum Snapping- 5 Minutes: Snapping pink gum (sucking in to make it pop)

-Bubblegum Stretching- 4 Minutes: Chewing my pink gum, pulling and stretching it from my mouth, wrapping it around my finger & putting it back in my mouth

-Blowing & Popping- 7 Minutes: Blowing the biggest bubbles that I can, some pop on my face, then audibly popping bubbles.

-Waiting to Be Eaten- 8 Minutes: It's almost your turn to be eaten.  I've got a handful of gummi bears lined up to go before you.  Watch me eat them one by one while I talk about what's to come.

-Gummi Bear Snack- 5 Minutes: Those tiny bears didn't stand a chance

-Chewing Chocolate Cookies- 6 Minutes. Download only. Close up view of me eating lots of little chocolate bunny cookies. 

-Chewing Gummi Bears- 8 Minutes. Download Only. Close up view of me chewing up and swallowing gummi bears.

-Gummi Bear Chomp- 7 Minutes, 834 MB. Those gummi bears never stand a chance against my sexy sharp teeth. Watch me bite the poor little souls and chew them into pieces before swallowing them down. 


-Upskirt Booty- Upshot- of me dancing with a cute pink skirt on. I start out with a black thong on underneath then slip it off.

-Mini Dress Booty Shake- Black open back mini dress and thong. Dancing to Body Party by Ciara.

-Pencil Skirt Seduction- Non nude dance. Slow grinding, hip circles, and booty popping in a grey pencil skirt, tight top and heels. Music: Al Green "I Can't Get Next to You".

-Topless Winding and Shaking- Sexy matching bra and garter belt, white fishnet stockings, pink g string and black heels. I take off my bra, shake my ass and wind my hips to some dancehall music for you.

Blue and Orange Floral Dress Bootyshake- 3 Mins, 321MB: Shaking my ass to some hip hop for you. I strip out of my blue and orange floral minidress and give you nice views of my ass and pussy including an upskirt and nude upshot. 

-Nurse Jess Bendover Dance #1- 3 Minutes, 310 MB. This video was a custom commission. Contact me to commission your own custom video today! Nurse Jess Bendover dances seductively for you to AC/DC “Shook Me All Night Long” in this sexy non-nude tease video. You’ll be begging for an examination after you see these booty, stockings, and heels in action. 

-Nurse Jess Bendover Dance #2-  3 Minutes, 269 MB. This video was a custom commission.  Contact me to commission your own custom video today! Brand new nurse outfit! This nurse knows a lot about anatomy and has got yours fired up. More sexy non-nude dancing to “I Touch Myself” by the Divinyls. 

-Strip and Shake in My Hotel Room- 4 Minutes, 347MB: Having so much fun in LA and wanted to share it with you! Watch me strip out of my little t shirt and sexy satin/mesh panties. I take it all off for you, dance seductively, and shake my beautiful booty. Music by the Beastie Boys :)

-Pigtails and Minidress Bootyshake- 9 Minutes, 852MB: In my sexy floral mini dress, fishnet thigh highs, pigtails, and sexy red panties underneath, I shake my ass to two songs for you.  Lots of good, sexy energy in this video. I enjoyed shooting it. Your cock will enjoy it too. 

-New Pink Skirt Shake- 10 Minutes, 876MB: Shaking my ass in my new sexy pink skirt and bra.  I strip out of them and shake my ass naked for you too. Very hot video and fun to make. No music.

-Slow Sexy Bootyshake- 5 minutes: It's been a while since I've showed you my body. Since I got down on the floor and grinded my beautify booty for you. Teased you with my big sexy tits. I wanted to show off my awesome new camera for you so I made this non-nude sexy teasing clip for your hard cock. Enjoy it.

Nude Balloon Booty Bouncing- 6 minutes: I know you're dying to see me blow up my balloons, strip naked and bounce my beautiful booty on them so that's exactly what I do! I bounce on my two balloons until my booty makes them go POP!

Pink Top Shake- 2 minutes: Stripping out of my pink top and sexy lacy panties to shake my ass and pussy for you.

Clap Clap- 3 minutes: Shaking my ass in my cute new garter skirt/thong.

Cute Dress No Panties Booty Shaking- 4 minutes: Backin' that ass up in a cute sundress with no panties underneath. I pull my dress up so you can see my sweet ass and pussy bounce.

Shaking My Booty in My Yoga Pants- 5 Minutes: I love shaking my ass for you in my black yoga pants with no panties underneath. Nice close booty shots in this video.

Jean Shorts Twerking- 3 Minutes: I'm serious about shaking my ass in these jean shorts.

Tiny Skirt Shake- 3 Minutes: Shaking my ass in a tiny pink skirt. I slip off my pretty thong and shake it for you some more.

Winding and Shaking- 7 Minutes: By request, winding and shaking my ass for two songs. A lot of slow hip movements.

B Ball- 3 Minutes: Bouncing my booty like a basketball. (One of my favorites)

Booty Jerk of Encouragement- 5 minutes: Dirty talk and jerk off encouragement while shaking my ass and using the word 'booty' a lot. No music.

Bootyshaking Rainbow Socks Upshot- 5 Minutes: Watch me shake my ass in my sexy black bra, black thong, and rainbow socks. I take off my panties and give you a nice upshot of my sexy ass.

Bandz Make Me Dance- 4 Minutes: Stripping out of my thong. Close up ass shaking.

Long Socks Dance- 3 Minutes: Showing off my long sexy legs in my cable knit thigh high socks. Stripping down to just the sock, dancing and shaking my beautiful booty for you.

Sexy Dancing in New Purple Thong- 4 Minutes: Dancing sexily to some music for you with a cute brown tank top and purple leopard thong which I strip out of for you.

Stoner Metal Booty- 8 minutes: Shaking my ass ton two QOTSA songs. Lots of slow seductive dancing as well. Fully nude most of the vid.

Twerkin' in my Jean Shorts- 4 minutes: Watch me twerk my ass in my sexy Hollister denim shorty shorts.

Denim Shorts Grinding- 3 minutes: With a very close cam view grinding my ass in your face. I"m topless so there are a few shots of my sexy back and thighs when I lean forward.

Jean Shorts Up Close Bootyshake- 5 minutes: Brand new jean shorts that fit my ass like a glove. Watch me shake my ass in your face. Worship my beautiful whooty.

Black Dress No Panties Close Upshot- 3 minutes: Get under my sexy ass and watch me lift up my tight black dress and shake it for you.

Birthday Booty Feet- 7 minutes: My main man paid for me to get a pretty red manicure and have a nice dinner for my birthday. This is how he was repaid. A sex booty shaking video with my feet in view the whole time. Enjoy!

Purple Panties Bootyshake- 4 minutes: Watch me wiggle out of my purple panties and top and shake my ass for you.

Black Yoga Pants Booty- 4 minutes: I start out shaking my ass in my black spandex yoga pants, then take them off and shake in my white thong. Finally I slip my thong off for some naked booty shaking. No music.

Hands on Knees Shaking- 9 minutes: By request, Over 8 minutes of me just shaking my ass with my hands on my knees! In my white bra and thong.

Sexy Naked Bootyshake- 4 minutes: Stripping Nude, getting crunk. I start off with a purple top and pretty floral panties.

Ass & Titties- 5 minutes: Hot booty shaking to a great song. See my beautiful ass, titties, and pussy in action.

Mirror Shake- 3 minutes: By Request, Shaking my ass over a mirror naked. Double Booty! 

Naked Booty Shake- 3 minutes: I strip out of my sexy grey thong and top and shake my ass for you. I also show off my long sexy legs.

Sexy Upskirt- 4 minutes: Upshot of me dancing with a sexy pink skirt on. The black thong comes off. 

She a Freak- 2 minutes: Shaking my booty cause I'm a freak :)

Shake It- 4 minutes: Watch me Shake it! Sexy pink bikini. Bootyflexing.

Pigtails- 4 minutes: All cute in my pigtails while shaking my ass in this clip. Sexy pink g-string.

Hooray for Boobies- 3 minutes: Hot ass shaking in this clip. I get topless at the end.

Gettin' Lower- 4 minutes: Gettin' real low in this one!

Get Down- 3 minutes: Getting' down on the flo. Shaking and flexing.

College Girl- 3 minutes: Shaking my ass to "College Girl". Jean shorts and a white satin bra. Close up view.

Black & White- 4 minutes: Booty shaking wearing a black top and black and white striped bikini undies 

Mermaid Shake and Slow Dancing- 6 Minutes: In this sexy video I start off wearing a sexy blue mermaid like bikini, goes great with my beautiful red long mermaid like hair. I slow dance and bootyshake to music. I slowly strip out of my bikini while giving you sexy looks. I crawl and writhe around naked on my couch showing off every part of my body to you gyrating while teasing and pleasing your senses. 

-Blue Bikini Upshot and Lemonade Shake- 6 Minutes: This video is two dances in one! In the first one I give you a sexy upshot while I shake my ass and strip out of my sexy top and blue bikini while dancing to "Contract" by GTA and Iamsu. After that tease I give you a slower dance with a full view of me while I dance and shake to "Lemonade" by Gucci Mane in my shiny booty shorts, thigh high socks, and sexy bikini top and lace top sweatshirt. This time I give you the view of my sexy tits, naked ass and pussy that you were craving.

-I'm Pregnant and Here's How (Cuckold)- 10 Mnutes: I got pregnant on our honeymoon and not by you. I give you all of the details and tell you how things are going to be from now on. BBC themed. 

-Cum On My Heels & Lick It Off- 5 Minutes: You're such a fucking loser and you're so weak you'll do anything I tell you to.  I'm going to make you stroke your cock until you cum all over my heels and stockings then have you lick it off.

-You're a Cuckold Now- 4 Minutes: Made a video to let you, my husband, know that since you can't satisfy me in bed I've got no choice but to sleep around. With black guys of course I need big cocks not you're little thing. You'll be coming along to watch and clean up. 

-Smoking & Ignoring You- 7 Minutes: I try my hardest to ignore your ass while I enjoy my cigarette but I can't help but cuss at you a few times.  You're so fucking annoying.

-Cum On Your Own Face- 9 Minutes: I'm going to make you stroke your pathetic dick for me while I smoke my cigarette.  You're going to cum on your own face, faggott!

-Your Cock Is Too Small- 4 Minutes: I make you show me your cock then can't believe how little it is.  Let me show you what I prefer: my big black dildo.

-Rosie's Cocksucker- 7 Minutes: I sit with my face close to the camera while smoking a cigarette and telling you about the events to come. I'm going to have a party this weekend and you'll be there tied up, on your knees, ready to suck all of my male friends' cocks. I can't wait to sit back, watch, and laugh!

-I Hold The Key- 7 Minutes: I've got you locked up in a chastity device and I'm not sure just yet when I'm going to let you out. I love teasing you while you're not able to do anything about it!

-JOI Orgasm Denial- 5 Minutes: I tease you with my sexy body and tell you just how to stroke your cock for me. I count you down from 10 but DON'T LET YOU CUM! 


Oily Booty Worship Findom- 8 Minutes, 608MB: You've found me finally.  You've found your true purpose in life.  I make you whole. You can't live without me. You can't live without this perfect, round booty.  You want to have this feeling that you have when my oily booty is in your presence forever don't you? Well in order to have that, you're going to have to keep me happy, and to keep me happy, you need to give me your money. ALL of your money.  You work for me now.  You're an addict, and I'm the drug.

You’re Ready for Lockup- 9 Minutes, 645MB: You've made me very proud as a sub. I've gotten much pleasure out of teasing you and denying you of full release.  I believe you're ready for the next step.  I'm placing you in chastity... now.  Don't worry. You know I know what's best for you. I'm going to enjoy making you squirm so much!  We're starting now.  Now that you’re in your device, I'm going to tempt you with my gorgeous naked body.  How lucky you are! 

"Jerk Your Tiny Dick The Way I Say"- 7 Minutes- I've felt you staring at me this whole time and heard your nervous breathing as you've oggled my sexy long legs, big tits and pretty hair and face.  I see your tiny boner pop up through your pants and it makes me laugh.  I love having something else to tease you and laugh at you about.  I make you stroke that little tiny dick in front of me while I humiliate you and tease you with my body, and show you just how to stroke that tiny joke of a dick. I show off my sexy pussy and ass to you.  You want it so bad but you can't have it.  You just have to keep stroking your little wee wee the way I tell you to.  When you can't take it anymore I count you down and make you cum hard for me. 

-Bribing My Landlord- 5 Minutes: I don't have the money for my rent this month so I try to convince my landlord with my body by stripping down to my thigh high socks and offering myself and sexual favors.

-Eye Crossing/Rolling- 2 Minutes: Crossing and rolling my eyes

-Jerk Off Instruction With Hand Motions- 7 Minutes: I use my hand to show you just how to stroke your cock. How fast, what motions to use, and what position to be in. I count you down and tell you when to cum. HD Mediafire Only.

-Kettlebell Workout- 20 Minutes: My very first kettlebell workout every caught on video. Wearing spandex I follow along with a dvd. It was quite a workout! Using a 15lb weight. HD Mediafire only

-Sending You Kisses- 4 Minutes: Watch me pout my pretty lips and blow you kisses hands free. Midway through the clip I put on some pretty, sparkly lipgloss.

-Talking About My Fillings- 3 Minutes: I've had a lot of cavities and have many silver fillings in my mouth.  In this clip I show them to you and talk about them and what it was like to get them.

-Dirty Talk Tease- 5 Minutes: Hot talk & showing off my sexy body.  I know you wanna fuck me and I want that cock so bad.

-Oral Fetish- 3 Minutes: Opening my mouth wide, sticking out my tongue & sucking my finger for you with lots of spit

-Silky Panty Tease- 5 Minutes: I love these pink satin panties and want to tease your cock while I wear them. 

-Cumming In My Panties- 8 Minutes: Watch me use my hitachi to make myself cum while wearing a cute pair of panties.

-Tease & Denial- 10 Minutes: Showing off my sexy body & teasing your cock until you can't take it anymore.  Will I let you finish?

-Jerk Off Encouragement- 6 Minutes: Stripping and talking dirty while I tell you how to stroke that cock and cum on my ass for me. With countdown.

-Jerk Off Instruction With Toy- 7 Minutes: I use my realistic dildo to show you just how to stroke your cock. Then I count you down and make you cum all over my face.

-Busted- 11 Minutes Download Only (light humiliation, jerk off encouragement): I walk in on you in your office and discover that you're wearing women's satin panties! I didn't know that you liked to wear panties under your suit while you work but now that I know, you need to stroke your cock for me, or else I'm going to tell everyone. I might just have to play with my pussy through my silky panties while you do, and if you please me I'll let you have them when I'm done. 

-Boobie Milk- 3 Minutes: Expressing milk from both of my breasts for you.  Watch it run over my fingers.

-My Seatbelt- 5 Minutes. Sitting in my car I put my seatbelt on for you and tell you what it feels like against my body and my fingers. 

-Private Panty Show- 10 Minutes: Download Only. Watch me change in and out of lots of pretty panties. I bend over and give you nice shots of my pretty pussy and ass while changing.

-Nude Juggling Lesson #1: Learn to Fucking Juggle- 6 Minutes. Learn to juggle from a hot, naked, redhead! This is the first video in my series of nude juggling lessons where I will give you a guaranteed method of learning to juggle three balls, as well as a guaranteed boner.


Can I Show You My Fillings?- 5 Minutes, 543MB: I have a lot of metal fillings in my mouth.  Probably more than most people. I want to show them to you, and talk about them. Would you like that? Let me show you really close so you get a good look. 

Teeth Talk- 5 Minutes, 645MB: You like my mouth don't you? Want to see what it's like inside? I love showing off my mouth and teeth and talking about them. I've got some interesting teeth in there.  One brand new wisdom tooth, just started coming in. Come look.  

Goddess Smother- 6 Minutes- I start off sitting on my man's face with my sexy thong on making him smell my beautiful ass and pussy.  I pinch his nose and keep him from breathing, slap his balls, jerk his hard pierced cock, grind my beautiful goddess essence all over his face while enjoying his tongue on my wet swollen clit.  He doesn't need air.  He only needs to please me.


$30 EACH

-Shower Video- 5 Minutes: Getting all soapy and wet

-White Stockings Leg & Foot Tease (Nude)- Download Only, 10 Minutes: Very sensual. I strip down to nothing but my white lace top thigh highs and show off my long legs and feet. Pretty pussy shots.

- Horny French Maid Upskirt and Urgent Orgasm- 5 Minutes: I begin by running my feather duster across your dirty surfaces while wearing my sexy French maid outfit with no panties underneath.  The very short skirt lets me feel the air on my pussy and the slightest bend forward exposes my moistening slit and pretty asshole.  The feeling of my uncovered pussy and your fixed gaze on my wiggling cunt are too much for me to handle.  I bend over further to show off for you and try to do my work but all I can think about it your hard cock pressing against your pants. I decide to lift my skirt and show off for you a bit more then try to get back to my duties. I can't concentrate on cleaning and have to mount your dining room table, take my big tits out and rub my pussy until I cum for you. The release is such a relief.  


$30 EACH

-Fingers Only- 8 Minutes: Rubbing my clit with a closeup view & cumming hard

-Naughty In The Kitchen- 9 Minutes: In my kitchen. Stripping out of my apron, tank top & skirt down to my black stockings.  Nude wet & messy play with whipped cream.  I make the can my toy. Cumming on the kitchen table!


-My 'O' Face- 5 Minutes: Topless, looking into the camera while I ride my hitachi & cum hard.

-Hitachi Magic Wand Masturbation- 7 Minutes: Watch me get acquainted with my new toy & cum loud!

-Hot Pussy Play- Download Only, 9 Minutes: I strip and spread my pussy lips for you, stick my fingers inside, then make myself cum with my glass dildo

-The Wetness- Download Only, 10 Minutes: Nude other than thigh highs. Watch me make myself cum using both my pink dildo and my hitachi. Was so horny the night I made this vid that I made more of a mess than I've ever made in my life! When I take out the dildo watch it pour out mmm.

-Doggystyle Pussy Play- 10 Minutes: I bend over for you and make myself cum using my fingers, glass dildo, then hitachi

-Sexy Sailor Costume- 12 Minutes: I start off wearing my full sexy sailor costume including a sexy short dress, thigh highs, shiny white booty shorts, heels and a sailor hat, I strip down to nothing but my stockings and heels and fuck myself with my blue striped glass dildo until I cum. Very hot!

-Fishnets, Heels, 2 Toys & Dirty Talk- Download Only, 13 Minutes: Wearing black lingerie, fishnets & heels.  Sexy strip then making myself cum using both my big pink dildo and my hitachi. SCREAMING orgasm.

-BBC Humiliation Vid- Download Only,10 Minutes: I start off showing you my big black dildo and telling you how much better it's going to make me feel than your little dick ever could.  Then I suck on it a little (can hardly fit it in my mouth) and fuck myself until I cum.

-Black Bikini Masturbation- 15 Minutes: See me strip out of my black bikini, fuck myself with a dildo & cum.

-Pink Bikini Masturbation- 15 Minutes: Sexy striptease, booty shaking, ass slapping, dildoing & cumming.

Panty Stuffing Vid- 9 Minutes: I slip off my hot pink thong, stuff the whole thing into my pussy, make myself cum, then slowly pull out the wet panties  

-Anal... Kind of- Download Only, 10 Minutes: Strip tease, then watch me from behind while I rub that hole you love so much with LOTS of spit.



*New Pics Coming Soon*


I am a custom content master! I've received countless compliments on my abilities to make fantasies come true.  I do custom fetish clips, custom solo videos, & custom pic sets.  Pricing varies. Contact me to disucss.