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dynamite with a laser beam

guaranteed to blow your mind


Call me Hex

I'm a dog mom & pop culture nerd.

When I'm not working,

I'm probably out and about

exploring my town and nature.




 Private photos sent to me without a

paid message explaining what they are

(example: fav animal, travel destination) will be deleted!

a little about what I like:

horror movies (tell me your favorite one, get 1 photo!)

true crime non-fiction (tell me a true crime story that intrigues you & get 1 photo!)

(almost) every sub genre of rock (tell me your top three albums, get 1 video!)

binge watching tv shows (tell me your all time favorite show, get 2 photos!)

craft beer (tell me your favorite local brewery, get 2 photos!)

traveling (send me a picture of your dream destination, get 3 photos!)

animals (send me a picture of your favorite animal, get 4 photos!)

 I like to be mysterious...

message me with 1 guess of my age & $5 trib (1 clip)

tell me where you think I'm from & $5 trib (1 clip)

guess my favorite color & $5 trib (1 clip) 


Message or chat me "content list" for the real fun


...interested in something more intimate?

Write me, I also do customs and cam time!  

 I have goals I'm always trying to reach.

If you're interested in helping a gal out,

let's work out a deal!

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