Hi there... I hope you find yourself doing well. I have been a content creator for a while now. It is not full time, however. Back when I was at it 24/7, I had almost half a million people pass through my page and over 80k subs. 

I would like someone more permanent to exchange services with, but that is very hard to find. I am into pretty much everything, so I only have maybe three limits. Not only do I enjoy the extra cha-ching, but I enjoy the kinkiness of trying new things and making someone feel special in this life full of vanilla people. It makes me wet when I receive payments and gifts. I just got out of an engagement, he didn't do anything for me, so I want to make up for lost time. I just finished remodeling a 5th wheel!! Super fun!!

My chat is always open. You see the website you are on, don't waste my time too much. I will NOT try to sell as soon as you message me, unless you ask. I am always down for a casual chat. With that being said, I am on here to make some moola, duh. I love getting to know my buyers. Us creators deal with the "scammers" too. TRUST LOL. I have a hot BBW body, and I am not afraid to use it,lol. GOOD QUALITY content taken by camera and newer Iphone.



Type: BBW

Height: 5'7

Bra size: 42 DD

In bed: switch

Body hair: I literally shave my whole body except for my pubic area. Sometimes I like a bush and sometimes I like being shaved.

Sexual Orientation: bisexual

Hair: brown mostly and medium length

Eyes: dark brown

Shoe size: 9/10

Work: server and this lol

Country: U.S

Pets: husky lab mix, corgi mix, and a black cat

Beauty: I love wearing makeup and being natural... depending

Car: mustang

Showers or baths: both...depends on mood

Travel: love...17 U.S states so far

Panty style: thongs, cheeky, and fullback.

Pants size: 16-18

Shirt size: XXL

Outdoors: yes

Indoors: yes

Nightowl: yes

Fav TV show: Monk (do not get me started)

Fav Movie: I am more of a series gal

Sports: ehh

Video Games: ehh



Customs, sext, dirty chat, cam, and premade content: prices are negotiable depending on what you want. 



  • public
  • golden showers from me
  • Wearing tight leggings/jeans
  • whips/cuffs
  • switching roles in bed
  • roleplay..any kind
  • ice play
  • creampies
  • Showers/bath/water play
  • footjobs with pretty toes
  • cuck on either side
  • pegging
  • edging
  • farting
  • anal...i am very tight
  • cum eating
  • moaning
  • teasing
  • stripping
  • nasty makeouts
  • threesomes
  • lingerie
  • humiliation
  • bisexual
  • B/g g/g
  • Guys with jeans and boots
  • face sitting
  • long oral
  • control
  • massages
  • I could go on, but I only have three limits. Ask me about them.