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ELLY Is creating awesome Lewd & Erotic Cosplay and more...

Hello hello my darlings!!! So a little about me... I am obviously into Cosplay, I really do love to do this. It is a passion. I am into Anime. And one of my favorites is My Hero Academia, and Darling in the Franxx. I have a ton more that I love lol, there are about 10 in my top 3 ;) 

I love to cook, something about it is amazing when you create something so delicious. I would love for you to stop in and tell me some of your favorite foods. 


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Welcome to June 2022!!

Some new things I have for you this month are... 

updating soon

August Sets 2020:

Raven DC Comics - 54 Images 

Pink Neko Kitty - 49 Images

Bonus- Mini Princess Leia Set

August Video

All for only $65


All of July's 2020 Sets:

ALL sets include Full nude images

Dr. Harleen Quinzel - 59 images

Angel Set - 49 images

5 min Dr Quinzel sexy dance Video 

All for only $65

If you want the extra naughty package- Extra pictures from each set and an exxxtra video it is $165

or with just the exxxtra pics it is $100.


All of June's 2020 Sets:

Strawberry Girl - 53 Images

Velma Dinkley - 76 images 

Plus 4 min. Sexy dance video

Only $50 for everything!!

This includes explicit pics as well. 


All of May's 2020 Sets:

SpiderJane - 62 images

Workout Girl 80's inspired- 39 images

3 min. Eric Prydz "Call On Me" Inspired video to the song -Shook me all night long.

All for only $50

If you want to add something a little Exxxtra to this package, then add the Special Kitty over 14 min video for an extra $75. 

Total package - $125


All Of April's 2020 Sets:

Pink Good Bunny Set - 34 Images

White Bunny Set - 33 Images and BAD Bunny- 39 Images

Plus a sexy Bunny Video... 

All for only $75


All of March's Sets!

DVa 2 photo set - 71 images

Nude Catwoman - 27 Images and Shygal Photo Set 48 Images

Plus a 6 min Harley Quinn video

All for Only $70!!


ALL of February's Sets 

2B (Nier Automata) 68 images,

Mistress Apocalypse 59 images, and Kitty Maid 56 images

All for only $50


All of January's Pic Sets!

A simply me Set 44 images,

Nurse Harley Quinn 56 images,

and the largest Harley set for 2020 91 images plus a strip Video

ONLY $75


All my Christmas Pic Sets only $35

Christmas Kitty, Holiday Jessica Rabbit, and Christmas Witch. 


You can get ALL my Halloween Pic sets

for only


That includes Wednesday Addams


and Green Haired Witch

Sexy voyeur video included w/Witch set.

If you are looking for something a little more naught try the extra Naughty witch for only $75 more.


All Proceeds go towards Cosplay costumes. I do my best to make all of my own costumes and props when I can. 

I also rent out a studio twice a week so that I can bring you more content monthly. Your contribution helps me to rent out this studio. 

For that I thank you all so much!!


Kisses everyone!!