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Video #56. Non-nude! Giving you a closer look at my strappy bra and tiny thong, modeling in the mirror before lying on my back and side for a better view. (3:02) Added on 04/04/19 ~$5

Video #81. Feeling myself in my tiny, slutty outfit featuring a red crop top and red hot shorts, showing off my best asset while twerking along to some music. (3:31) Added on 04/11/19 ~$10

Video #94. Stripping out of my crop top and leggings and modeling multiple pairs of colorful thongs for you to enjoy. Different angles of showing off my assets, slight twerking along the way too! (7:32) Added on 04/01/19 ~$15

Video #93. I'm in my red lingerie with black stockings, teasing you while sucking and licking on my toy. It's not long before I take just my panties off, allowing you full view as I sit spread eagle on my table, letting my vibrating dildo fulfill my needs leading to a loud climax. (7:21) Added on 03/20/19 ~$15

Video #80. A super fun compilation video where you can truly get an idea of my fun personality! Sexy clips including flashing truckers, dancing, twerking, and little strip teases in regular clothes as well as gym attire! (4:23) Added on 03/09/19 ~$10






1. Ass, ass, ass with a little bit of twerking (0:33)

2. Like my blue bra? Think I’ll take it off? (0:30)

3. Tit play bloopers (0:52)

4. Aerial view of me playing with my pussy (0:55)

5. You can look but you can’t touch (0:09)

6. Forced gagging while he shoves me on his cock (0:09)

7. Quickie facial (0:18)

8. Can I get these jeans on over my ass? (0:14) 

9. Starting my day off right with a facial (0:11)

10. Facial blooper – I got cum in my eyes! (0:31)

11. Accidental cum swallowing… oops! (0:24)

12. He spanks and grabs my bare ass (0:06)

13. So much cum inside me, my pussy can’t handle it! (0:12)

14. Guess what size my tan tits are for a free pic (0:15)

15. Grinding my body and showing you how round this booty is (0:26)

16. Railed HARD doggie style, his POV (0:51)

17. Sucking dick in my tiny thong (0:58)

18. Clip from one of my longer videos showing off my creampie while I squirt at the same time (0:28)

19. Messing around and twerking in my gym clothes and ponytail until my camera falls (0:47)

20. Silly body tour showing off my denim booty shorts and my tight tummy in my crop top. Where do we go from here? (0:54)

21. Caught on a hidden security camera! I may or may not have just flashed a car driving by. (0:29)

22. ALL BOOTY. Check out my best angle as I pull my denim shorts down and give you a better view of what I'm working with (0:17)


23. I’m fucked over the armrest, his POV (1:39)

24. Twerking nude and spreading my cheeks wide enough for you to drool over my asshole (1:32)

25. My ass deserves its own solar system (1:48)

26. My first ever video I made when I was 19. I'm shy and flash you my pussy a few times, teasing as I explore it with my fingers making sure to show you how wet I am. (1:05)

27. Let’s get more acquainted and explore my body (2:06)

28. Clit play until I cum. Up close! (1:43)

29. Fingering & teasing my clit. Up close! (1:34)

30. Tease & denial in slutty gym clothes (1:40)

31. I’m silly & like to finger my pussy (3:11)

32. Shower time! (2:38)

33. Showing off my new thong bikini & eventually losing the bottoms to show you more (1:23)

34. Sexy video message to my papi BLOOPER (1:29)

35. Non-nude watch me fondle my tits in my cute PINK bra (3:21)

36. First ever creampie recording, shot from his POV. Ends with me fingering the cum out of my pussy (2:00)

37. My man rubs lotion all over my feet, worshipping every inch of them (4:12)

38. Sucking off a guy I met at the gym in my YMCA tee. Watch as he takes control and face fucks me while I'm gagging and gasping for breath. I open wide like a good girl and take his load all over my face (1:57)

39. Outdoor play video, I'm hanging out in my backyard and finger fucking myself until I notice the neighbor is looking through the fence! Seriously! See for yourself! (1:57)

40. Fingering my pussy in public! I'm in a tanning room stall where there is plenty of activity in the adjacent stalls. I don't care though as I slap my ass, twerk to some country music, and rub circles around my clit until I have a silent orgasm (3:37)

41. 100% ass shaking and cheek spreading, if you're a booty lover check mine out you won't regret it (1:15)

42. So I stumbled across an empty waterfall at a state park. I went in for a dip despite the rules posted. Of course, a park ranger found me but rather than enforcing the rules, he told me I could stay if I convinced him. What better place than to push me up against the rocks while in the water and plow my little pussy? (1:46) 

43. It was a hot day and my neighbor and I thought it would be wise to cool down with a popsicle. Can you guess where he puts it? Lots of giggling and resistance. That popsicle was freezing! (2:11)

44. Downward angle, facing up, watch me bounce on a cock until it's time for both of us to cum. I hop off and suck both our juices up, cleaning his dick all POV. (2:05)

45. Missionary, then he puts me on top, cowgirl style. Watch it end in a facial with my glasses on (2:18)

46. I was upstairs fucking myself with my dildo when the neighbor heard me from my window. He let himself inside and met me in my room. He bends me over and fucks me before pulling out (after realizing how tight I am) and stretches me further with my dildo while I'm lying on my back. The vibrations and his thumb rubbing my clit drive me crazy before I cum and he slides his dick back in ready to reach his own climax. Ends with a crazy facial all over my tits, mouth, and face! (2:13)

47. I'm at a furniture store, testing out the beds and feeling frisky. Watch me flash my tits and twerk in their bedroom section! Very risky, very public! (1:26)

48. Schoolgirl Part II. I can't stop thinking about my encounter with Mr. Johnson. Maybe he'll enjoy this private twerk show I made special for him? (2:03)

49. He fucks my fat ass while I'm on my stomach holding the camera selfie-style. Watch it end in a nice facial with me cleaning up the mess he made, enjoying every inch of him (2:13)

50. Mini twerk compilation video! A junior version of my longer comp video, this one features new, short clips of booty shaking goodness. Trust me, you're gonna wish your face was buried in it! (1:20)

51. My sexy surprise for Santa Claus! I'm in my red bra and red garter with black stockings, twerking, teasing, and flashing along to some holiday music. Which list do you think I'll make it on? (2:23)

52. Bouncing and twerking on a dildo! If you're an ass-man then you'll love this video. Watch me twerk and ride a dildo reverse cowgirl, moaning from all the intense pleasure! (1:47)

53. Twerking in my pink hot shorts and tank top along to some 21 Savage. Does my booty play along well with the beat? (1:14)

54. Showing off my white teddy, letting you get all the desired closeups before twerking and letting you see how complimentary this lingerie really is. (2:31)

55. I'm in nothing but my parka, flashing and slowly pulling my panties down to show you some more. Should I make a longer video of this? (1:16)

56. Non-nude! Giving you a closer look at my strappy bra and tiny thong, modeling in the mirror before lying on my back and side for a better view. (3:02)



57. Up-close and personal view, my pussy is soaked and you can see how wet and turned on I am, shimmering into the camera. I'm fingering myself and rubbing my G-Spot, letting my fingers get slimy with cum. Seriously, you're going to wish your face was buried in this. (3:58)

58. Twerking in my kitchen to some raggaeton because why not? (2:56)

59. Grinding my hips and shaking my ass until I decide it’s time to spank myself until my hands and cheeks can’t take it anymore! How many spanks was that anyway? (3:01)

60. Trying on bikinis, dancing, flashing (5:37)

61. Rubbing oil over my tits and ass, showing off my thong and then ditching that too, to give you a better view (3:00)

62. Like my tan lines? What about the creampie between my legs? How many spanks does it take until I leave a nice handprint on my ass? (3:15)

63. Lying on the couch, bored and naked. What happens next? (4:44)

64. When are you coming home, papi? Want to see what you are missing until then? I hope you speak Spanish (4:04)

65. Nipple squeezing, titty massaging goodness after I remove my PINK bra (3:49)

66. Up-close pussy fingering and clit rubbing. My fingers glisten with cum! (3:29)

67. It’s getting hot in here so [I’m gonna] take off all [my] clothes (4:25)

68. Soft moans & smooth pussy anyone? (4:14) 

69. Making my pussy quiver using just my hands (3:58)

70. First ever non-nude JOI video. Let me take control of your body, your movements, and your mind (15:56)

71. Twerking in my jean shorts, full-view, ditching the bottoms and pulling my panties down to fondle myself. Lotta ass, lotta smiling (3:24)

72. Thanked a soldier for his service with my body (he's in the same unit as my husband!). Shot mainly from his POV, he pulls my shorts down and spends a good while fingering my tight pussy while you can see me smiling and moaning from all the pleasure! I continue to thank him with my enthusiastic mouth. He really seems to enjoy gagging me with his cock. (2:51)

73. I'm totally naked with a soaked pussy. I come closer to the camera and step up on the dresser so you don't miss anything while I spread myself open to fit my pink dildo. I fuck myself until I reach a shaking orgasm (4:45)

74. Lying on my bed, face and body in full-view as I'm fucking myself hard with my dildo keeping my legs propped over my shoulders. Watch the surprise on my face when I start to squirt and soak the sheets! I'm not usually a squirter but I was fucking myself so good I couldn't help it! (3:22)

75. I invited my neighbor over again. This time we cut right to the chase and he laid me down on the couch and instructed I hold my legs out as far as I can, spreading myself for him. He fucks me hard, tits jiggling until I get on my knees for him, sucking his dick making him blow all over my face, forcing me to close my eyes from so much cum! (3:01)

76. *Object insertion* I'm horny as fuck and can't find my toys. I guess this 10" flashlight will have to do. Watch me bounce on it, feeling it all in my guts before leaning back and squirting all over it, face in full view. (2:58)

77. I'm in my girly PINK bra before taking it off. Rubbing, massaging and teasing my perky 32cs all with my face in view. You're going to wish those were your hands! (3:35)

78. Trying out my new toy for the first time on camera! Listen to my soft moans as my tight pussy creams all over its shaft. So much cream you are going to wish you could get a taste. (4:36)

79. I was late for my bus when this guy offered me a ride. Of course I took him up on it, not realizing that he was going to expect payment in the form of hiking my skirt up! I've never done this before but the rush and satisfaction I felt was amazing. So much pussy play, my clit was tender afterward! (3:31)

80. A super fun compilation video where you can truly get an idea of my fun personality! Sexy clips including flashing truckers, dancing, twerking, and little strip teases in regular clothes as we well as gym attire! (4:23)

81. Feeling myself in my tiny, slutty outfit featuring a red crop top and red hot shorts, showing off my best asset while twerking along to some music. (3:31)


82. Doggie style quickie, he’s pulling my hair & making me look at the camera while I get railed with my glasses on (4:18)

83. Butter pecan Puerto Rican twerk-fest (13:46)

84. Are my skirts too short for you, daddy? (12:16)

85. See how many fingers I can fit in my creamy pussy while I shudder and shake from cumming so much. Maybe even a little anal fingering too (8:31)

86. Stripping out of my see-through leggings into something sexier. How about a mini skirt with no panties? I get so excited I have to play with my little pussy. Finishes with me tidying up and leaving for class (9:33)

87. Got Boricua? Similar my twerk-fest only I strip down completely and show off all my assets ending the video with some spread eagle pussy play (10:17)

88. Twerking out of my slutty clothes, spanking myself along the way. I tease my nipples and grab on my tits until they're tender to the touch. Watch me finish myself off by humping my pillow, keeping my thong on but moving it to the side for some hardcore clitoral stimulation (10:19)

89. Trying on my panties for you including thongs, bikini-cut, g-strings, and cheeky panties. Which do you think make my booty look the best? How about when I clap and shake that ass? (6:00)

90. I'm handcuffed and being teased with my dildo while I sit on it, cumming over and over again. I'm finally released, straddling the dildo and gagging on my burglar's cock while he forces it in my mouth, fucking my throat. Watch it end with me being railed while holding onto the banisters finishing with an amazing facial! (7:32)

91. Schoolgirl Part III! I snuck into Mr. Johnson's office and wanted to leave him with a nice, wet surprise in his chair. Too bad he came in. He picked up where I left off, face first, then fingers, and then something else. It felt so good to have his hands on me for the first time, pulling up my little skirt and feeling how hot and tight I am around his cock. I begged him to let me on top but he persisted until he left a huge creampie buried deep in my little pussy. After we finished, I played with myself, inviting him to feel how filled I am (7:07)

92. Twerking in my see-through leggings, bouncing this ass closer and closer to the camera, it will have you in a trance! Watch as I pull them down and show off my hot Calvin Klein thong and itty bitty waist! (5:31)

93. I'm in my red lingerie with black stockings, teasing you while sucking and licking on my toy. It's not long before I take just my panties off, allowing you full view as I sit spread eagle on my table, letting my vibrating dildo fulfill my needs leading to a loud climax. (7:21)

94. Stripping out of my crop top and leggings and modeling multiple pairs of colorful thongs for you to enjoy. Different angles of showing off my assets, slight twerking along the way too! (7:32)


95. Riding him reverse and normal cowgirl, doggie style, 3 variations of missionary and 69ing (9:03)

96. Long car rides with an Uber driver make me horny and want to put something in my mouth. I love a good road head session (15:08)

97. POV style! Hubby’s friend came over to find me naked and alone. I turn around on all fours, and greet him with my wet pussy…let’s hope I’m taking birth control! (6:47)

98. Fucking my well-endowed neighbor in the lingerie my husband bought me. Reverse cowgirl, BJ, missionary, and then some doggy. I take the biggest load I’ve ever had all in my tiny pussy right before my hubby walks through the door (7:25)

99. Twerking, hip-rolling, and grinding in my slutty summer attire. Watch as my clothing disappears one by one (14:18)

100. Middle of the day, teasing and fingering my pussy while so much goes on around me. Will I pass the finish line? (8:01)

101. Watch my ass swallow up all the panties I try on for you. I get so excited I have to finish with a bang! (12:10)

102. Lacey red bra and garter belt along with some twerking, stripping and playing with my pink dildo (12:45)

103. That soldier who fingered me? Yeah well, he came back for more right before leaving to go overseas. He didn't think I thanked him as much as I could and he was right. This time I let him have all of me. (12:03)

104. I'm all done-up and dressed in some slutty summer clothes. Not that it matters anyways since each article slowly comes off, giving you a better view as I'm twerking along to some music and spreading myself open. Lots of tit grabbing and clit rubbing, with my face in full view almost all of the time. (13:43)

105. Do you like my pink bikini, daddy? Or is it too revealing? Do you like when I show it off to you like the little whore I am? Let me show you how naughty I can be, daddy (13:49)

106. While on a cruise I met this guy. We somehow ended up in his hotel room with me wearing nothing but my white see-through lingerie. I climbed aboard his face and after a while, moved downstream where I rode the waves, holding and teasing my nipples with each bounce. He didn't ask if I was on birth control but he took it upon himself to flip me over, grab the camera, and let everyone see just how much cum my little pussy can take from his POV. (9:17)

107. I'm in my black, lace bustier with my red skirt and dark stockings. It doesn't take long before you realize that I'm not wearing any panties, especially when I bounce my booty so many times that my skirt gets all hiked up. All this flashing, spanking and grinding gets me so excited that I spread my legs, lowering myself onto my dildo. So many variations of fucking myself, I forgot how many times I came! (13:27)

108. I wake up so horny I need to fuck myself with the closest thing next to me: my hairbrush. I get so turned on I want to try something new and attempt to take my anal virginity with my pink toy! (8:51)

109. The ultimate twerk compilation video! Clips ranging from a only a few seconds to a few minutes of me showing off my favorite asset. So much twerking going on, it will drive you crazy. Watch me twerk naked, in booty shorts, panties, thongs, in public, and in a car, along with so much more! Seriously this is one of my favorite videos! (11:30)

110. I start off in my purple bra and multi-colored thong, twerking, teasing and showing off to you. Watch me strip down to nothing but my Nike high-tops, leaving them on as I finger my tight pussy and rub on my clit until I reach a few satisfying climaxes. (13:07)

111. I'm sitting in an office chair, interviewing for a professional job. I'm not dressed at all for the part (leggings and a crop top) but I have a couple tricks up my sleeve: distract you and seduce you into hiring me. Stripping and dildo playing with a heavy orgasm along with some dirty talk all with my entire body and face is in view. Did it work? (11:01)


112. Losing my toy virginity to a vibrating dildo. You can't hear my cherry pop but you can certainly hear my moans and the suction of the dildo! I'm wearing my neon yellow bra with matching panties. (15:00)

113. My hubby's boss came by my house to speak with him. Too bad he wasn't here, I'm sure he didn't mind though. I let him show his authority by gagging on his cock, slurping my own cum up off his shaft. He chokes me too, but I don't mind if it means my hubby gets the raise he promised me. He's very bossy and cums in my pussy without my permission causing me to squirt all over my camera when I show it off. (16:24)

114. Schoolgirl Part I! SOLO! I got called in to the teacher's office after class. I'm not really sure why I'm here but soon I come to find out that Mr. Johnson is as attracted to me as I am to him. I'm super flirty as he tells me to undress and I listen, taking off everything but my plaid miniskirt. Lots of dirty talking and then Mr. Johnson tells me to grab the highlighters off his desk and put them in my pussy causing an amazing orgasm before I tidy myself up and go home. This has to stay between us! (14:03)

115. The creamiest, most teasing video I have ever made. Up close and personal view of sweet pussy playing, denying myself of cumming as my edging causes my pussy to get so creamy you can see it dripping. I tease my clit with my fingers and use the vibrations of my toy to cause me to shake but I still won't let myself cum! Watch as my sensitive and soaked pussy finally reaches an intense orgasm featuring my face. (14:03)


116. I invited my professor over for some after-class tutoring. He got pretty stern with me when he realized that I struggle to pay attention. He told me I've been a naughty girl and am in desperate need of direction. ROUGH sex, spanked, choked and gagged with my panties while handcuffed. Lots of positions including doggy and missionary. Ends with a huge facial which I take like a good girl. I think I'm getting an A! (12:19)

117. Forced role-play! I'm thrown around like a rag-doll! My hubby's friend surprises me by taking me rough. He pulls my shorts down and takes over, fucking me from behind while pulling my hair hard. I follow his directions and suck his cock before undressing so he can return the favor. He laps up my juices before climbing on top again, fucking me hard as he's slapping my face and tits. Next, we fuck from the side and he chokes me so hard I get dizzy. Watch it end with me sucking his cock, gagging as he fills my mouth! (9:33)