I am a mom, model, bitch and a big nerd!

Hey, Im Sune Adura. Im a model in Knoxville, Tennessee. Im just your average small town country girl with a nerdy twist. I love to go out and have fun. I enjoy playing and having fun both on and off camera. Im out going and pretty easy to get along with, most of the time. I love being me, because no one else can do it better.

I love shopping, singing, hiking, camping, fishing, swimming, reading, writing, modeling, photography, going out dancing, taking crazy road trips, and getting naked (lol, being naked is always fun). I love to take pictures as well as have my picture taken. I write a little, mostly poetry and short stories and occasionally I sketch. I just love my life and I love living it. I love to go muddin' and I love to kick back around a camp fire and have a few beers with the guys! 

I am a nerd so I love to play video games, D&D (dungeons & dragons) and WoW (World of Warcraft . I love comics and graphic novels. I also love to watch my nerdy TV, shows like Game of Thrones, Firefly, Doctor Who, and pretty much anything on SyFy. 

Im also a a little bit of a grease monkey, I work on my own truck 90% of the time. I love motorcycles and old muscle cars.I love getting dirty, its so much fun. 

I love all kinds of movies...anything by Quentin Tarantino..anything with Johnny Depp, George Clooney or Nicholas Cage in it...I love comedies!..and I am a chick so I do like to occasional chick flick.

I love old rock and all country music and the R&B and Rap from the 90's...I really dont listen to much of the new stuff thats out unless its country music...

I have five tattoos; A large one on my back, a small wrist band on my right wrist, 5 hearts on my left foot, a dragon behind my left ear and a set of cherry blossoms with a skull behind my right ear. My belly button,ears and nose are pierced. I do plan to get more art work done as soon as I can get the money. I love tattoos. I believe that the body is a huge walking canvas and it should be shown off.

If you really wanna know more about me, all you have to do is ask...come on, you know you wanna?!



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Denim&Lace 53images
Good Morning 14images
Lady In Red 39images
Music Lover 17images
Office Tramp 33images
Painting Toes 11images
Shoe Fetish 28images
The Broom (House keeping) 35images
Tool Bench 36images
Satin & Lace 50images

Blue Dress 35images

Pink Leggings 41images

Sexy Black Dress 30images

Shoe Closet 33images

Zebra 19inamges