Hi I'm Roxy or ktatvegas lol  Just here to share some of my fun stuff that I can't share on socials also down for customs 5 to 10 credits a minute depending on whats happening. Feel free to drop a chat if u have any questions and have a great day boiz...Ask... I propably have what ur looking for.  I literally have hours of vidz that I don't have listed.

I don't  reach out girls are meant to be chased....

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New*solo big wolf dildo 5 mins shot in hd me on my back having fun. $5


My man straps on a dragon dildo and gives me a good pounding and stretch 😉 5 mins pov doggie $5

solo me on my back getting fucked by my sex machine till I cum. Just short of 5 mins. $3

5plus mins up close pussy play with small to big toys ending with my dragon 6

10 plus mins I get blind folded then banged hard with my toy by my dude then I suck him off in pov right before he spreads my leg lays back on the couch and I fuck him with my legs spreadapart while I'm on top. $6 


40 MINUTES 3 angle video... me being used as his toy, watch me get collared and have some fun. Lots of bj/facefuc*ing ,hand job, reversecowgirl, doggie style, soloplay with BBC toy, my pusssy and ass get ate.... there's. Alot in this one and was super fun. 15 credits


My man puts a strap on on his leg and I ride it will giving him a hand job while looking over my shoulder. And it was fun I came so hard and it was way fun. 4 mins 4 credits

me solo in a one piece rear view watch me touch feel and love myself  with my fingers then pull out a dildo to help get me to cum.. 5 plus mins 5 credits.

i decided to make a vid at 3 am after a 3 day music festival I woke my partner up by telling him to record me sucking his cock then I ride him reverse c.g. imagine it being you it is in pov.... 5 credits 5 plus mins

5 minutes of me getting fucked hard on my back while I wear a ski mask almost 6 mins 5 credits

Solo play w/my fingers in my ski mask... 2 credits 1 minute

3 minute me and my pink vib on my back then roll over  from the back all up close vidz so u can enjoy my sweet pussy! 4 credits

 I made a 24 min bdsm vid hehe  im going to sale it two ways in clips and the long full version....

part 1.     5 plus mins I get my bare bottom spanked then he bangs me with a BBC dildo when I'm bent over and I cum 5 credits

part 2. 3 mins      he bends me over sticks in my plug and I  fuck my self with that BBC dildo and cum again 3 credits

 part 3. 5 minshe has me sit on that BBCdildo and keeps it in while   I suck his dick and lick his taint aggressive like 5 credits

Part4. 6 .plus mins he bends me over and fucks me and hand cuffs me then cums on my ass. 7 credits

Or allllll of it together which has some stuff not even listed above for 12 credits


BG 10 min bj then a little throat grabbing action while he titty fucks me then ends with some poorly filmed sex lol  6 credits 

Solo anal watch me cum while fucking my ass with a dildo.... shot in beautiful HD 5 credits

. 6 min vid of me sucking dick and getting my pussy played with with a shibari when I'm on all fours then he fucks me and leaves me a little cream pie to have.... 5 credits

4 minutes me on top bottom view looking up of me fucking my own ass with a toy while I'm on top and getting fucked by his cock the beginning of the video is accompanied by a classy jingle lol 3 credits

27 minute interview come see how much of a awesome office slut i can be watch me suck and fuck my way into this job 8 credits

my first dp with a sex machine in my pussy and a dick in my ass shot from bottom. 3 credits 3 mins

Want to go ass to ass with me? Then listen to me ask u while I jerk off my double dildo thats rammed in my ass. 3 mins 4 credits

Solo anal just under 3 mins 3 credits bottom view 

valentines day solo plus bent over bj with 3eeee different angles 2*vids both about 5 mins

5 credits


bj vid 3 credits 5 mins long a great vid to see if u like how I get down. 

*I. I get fucked by my fuck machine while I lay on my side while the camera angle is mostly of my ass and pussy looking up at me. Then my man got involved and I sucked him off while I was getting fucked by my machine. Then he pov fucks my pussy and rubs his cock all over it, then proceeds to cum all over my already wet pussy... so off course I use his lube to rub my pussy and keep fingerings myself till I cum. 18 minutes

13 credits

Just me and my fuck machine 4 mins. And I rub my cum dripping wet pussy 6 credits


15 plus minute fuck machine vid multi positions ends with a spit roast with my machine and dude. 10 credits

9 minute me teasing u and rubbing and fingerbanging my pussy and titts 8 credits.  Orrr the long version (20 plus mins) of this vid after that I make him /you the camera man lay down while I tease your cock with my hands and tongue.. then grab a shibari to rub up and down your cock to tease you once I've had enough fun teasing I ask u to cum on my ass so u fuck me for a minute then  I spread my ass so you can cum on my ass hole while I beg you to do so....12 credits

3 mins on a wooden chair reverse cg camera facing me from my front as well as. Abottom up view.. 4 credits

2:30 facial/custom complilation... come watch me take some of my best loads to my face.   6 credits

7 mins me riding a dildo thats on a mirror see all the fun in this one.... 8 credits

9 mins bg me getting fucked on my back mostly pov then he decides to put it in my ass and I completely oblige and rub my pussy as he fucks my ass.... 8 credits

2:30  BG watch me get fucked in the ass while I'm on my back and play with my pussy for u POV

5 credits


7.30 watch me be super unxcited and bored I have to bang my ass for u... I start off in a dress then get completely naked and bend over and play then roll on my back as u still watch me bang my ass as I roll my eyes and not give a shit... consensual nonconsent  8 credits


14 min me bent over the whole time only wearing fishnets and a garter belt lots of rubbing and vibe play then move into 5 mins of anal...   10 credits

9 minutes me on my back looking into the camera rubbing my self then I get out my plug and continue to rub myself till I get my rabbit vibratory our and makes me cum hard 😌 🙃   8 credits

3 min pov reverse cowgirl watch me ride some dick as I spread my ass for u. 5 credits

 watch me be completely naked laying on my stomach while I play with myself as I give a foot job all pov.. come watch me spread it for u while I pleasure u...     5 credits     2:47 

 BG VID 13:40 min start off with revers cg with a huge penis sheath on him that makes him almost as thick as a soda can.... move to me being pinned on my back then me getting bent over multiple angles (Used Multi Cameras) shot in 4k for pov and 1080p the rest   8 credits

NEW BJ BG (Used Multi Cameras) shot in 4k for pov and 1080p the rest   Multiple angles credits aprox 10 min  5credits

pic and vid pack 20 pics 3 vids kimono and lingerie tease set watch me sway and loose clothing in the vids or just enjoy some pics as I get to show off my assets and such hehe $5  ***feel free to ask about teaser photos from the set.***

9 mins watch me bf rail me with a huge toy then fu@$ me Doggy style pov and Sideview $8


3 min bj pov with my ass facing a mirror so u can llok at my pretty face and ass at the same time😉4 credits

3 min ball worship sucking and tongue his balls and cock then 3 mins bj and the rest me on my side staring at the camera getting fucked 13 mins $15

Deep throat vid 4mins 5

Bj then facial then he rubs his cock all over my face with his cum 7plus mins $10


8min solo anal start rubbing oil then my ass gets pleasure from my toy... 10

6min solo play with toy and gag ball in mouth with some restraints $4

14 minutes my legs retrained to my neck with a collar and a ball gag solo play and bg sex.wearing electric purple crotchless and open breast onesie $8 

Ass slave plug  n fu*# 10 mins pov.. $12

Bj then anal while I'm on my back pov 10 mins  $8

15 minute bj multiple positions sex tape.. With butt plug and solo play 8$

Bored handjob 6 mins 10

Watch me pop balloons in my thong 5

 10 mins bj and sex on my back pov ending with facial... 10$

Solo rear view vid with a toy and close up 6 mins 6$

 Watch me sit on his face while I give a handy 1 and a half mins $3