Want to see my videos with BrookeWoods? MSG ME!

I have been on MyGirlFund for as long as I can remember... I am proud to say that I am the most rated girl ever on the site! That's because I love talking, making friends and sharing stuff about my life...but also because I have some kick-ass content ;) I don't have any sad story... I'm simply a girl who enjoys living life and decided to focus on the positive side of life :)

I used to have a long profile here, but I found out that A) If you simply want content, you don't really care about my life or B) If you want to get to know me and become a long time friend, you'll take time for us to get to know each other :)

If you want to know more about me, about my videos and pictures...or about Canada, feel free to hit me up! I always answer my messages on a daily basis, several times a day!

Kisses XOXO