Really horny and finally single! Let's video fuck?

Hello! Feel free to call me PetitFuret, or Riley! 




-I am 22.

-I am into BDSM; I am a switch and a little. I enjoy age play. I have been into this kind of scene since  around 2012.

-I like anime (my favorite one being, Lain: Serial Experiments), and a select few games like DDR, WoW, Diablo, Borderlands, and Kingdom hearts, among a few others. I used to cosplay and attend conventions!

-I love yoga and meditation, belly dancing too!

-I am a ex-stripper!

-I have 5 tattoos!

-My right ear is stretched to a small 0, it's symbolic of my father's death. I am deeply devoted to mental health due to this event.

-Offline, I am a researcher of sorts, but I also occupy my time as a writer, a graphic artist, model, and retail slave (in the past, thankfully). I am working on building my own holistic psychedelic integration coaching support program right now.

-Music artists/ genres:
Kerli, Brooke Candy, Glitch Mob, Morecheeba, HIM, Emilie Autumn, Voltaire, Grimes, Jack off Jill, Gorillaz, Demi Lovato, Infected Mushroom, VNV Nation, Nahko and Medicine for the People, Bonobo, Pendulum. /Love metal, psytrance, Liquid Drum and Bass, Rock, Pop, Punk. There's only a few genres     I do not like: Country, and most Rap. (Lil peep, Hopsin, Die Antwoord, Macklemore, and Brooke candy tho<3)

-I am an avid supporter of cannabis, and it's MANY applications!

-Let's discuss what freedom is, I am entertained by this concept. I no longer align myself right/left. I am far to complex a being for left/right dichotomy division-porn. Ha ha! :D

-Dislikes: Rude people, hot weather, shallow people, being told what to do without being made to feel little. Unethical, and immorally driven people. Dick pics are a no-go for me too. Brats!!!

-Kinks: diapers, big/little, being a "neko", cat girl, spanked, slapped, tied up, choked, being called "little princess", piercings/tattoos turn me on when I get them, I like being told what to do politely and directly, and I love learning about other people's kinks! I dig smoking and vaping, but love cigarillos/filtered cigars, but it is not a kink for me personally. I love anal, and one of my fantasies is to have DP, and DAP.

-My size: 

Bra size: DD 36
Weight: 125lbs
Height: 4'9"
Shoe size: 4-5
Hips: 40 inches

Feel free to add me, chat me, let's talk!!! I might be awkward at first, but keep trying!

I am deeply fascinated with psychology, spirituality/reality, and psychedelics. I love traveling alone, and learning about different cultures. I also enjoy learning and transforming my life into something I love, without regarding the opinions of those who would happily see me fall under the weight of stigma.

Feel free to ask what content I provide and prices vary on genre, time, and other expenses involved on my part.

Starting October 19th-21st 2018:

Right now I have a special on all my content for all my content! 50 dollars for all of it, that's more than 1/2 off! :D I am making new content and need to have a final sale on what I have currently to make way for new, better, more indulgent content for you, daddy-o.

I can give you a quote for a request, simply put in the subject line: Request Query, and the subject of the content.


Thank you for stopping by my page, can't wait to talk to you and get to know you more! :D