I HAVE TO find a new damn job 😓

Hey there! Just a little about me 😘


I genuinely hope no one took offense to my absence. Between phone issues and tons of stress i needed a break terribly.


Hey there!!! 😁 so just to start, I'm not single! Lol and I'm 100% faithful to my wonderful BF. And if you cannot respect that and the boundaries i have set because of that kindly move on 😁

But aside from that! I'm super chill and laid back! I'm a 100% nerd/tomboy/girly girl! All of the above, straight up I'll go out with my make up done and still play in thr mud and then go read a Lord of the rings book 😂! Lol there aren't many people I don't get along with 😁 i can be your everyday girl next door or i can be your personal little slut, depends on the day!  😜😜


Message me and lets chat! I love a good conversation! And I'll charge less for content if i like you 😂 I'm a damn cool chick to get to knkw you won't be missing out 😉

I don't have any set pricing yet! As i continuw to establish myself here i Will get thete though! 


You guys are wonderful! ? and i cannot wait to get to know more of you 😁😁




Hey!! Message me if I'm not available to chat 😊 I'll get back to you ASAP 😘 I do work a full-time job, have three kids and a puppy at home 😂 so sometimes i grt just a little busy or accidently forget to chat back! I'd never ignore y'all on purpose i promise ?😚