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Hi, I'm Lydia. 
I focus on fetish and bdsm themes, but have plenty of more vanilla stuff as well.  I have various toys and sexy accessories, such as gags, anal plugs, dildos, hitachi wand, and more.  I have quite the collection of lingerie and hosiery, along with some costumes.  I have a fetish for dressing up and roleplay, age play, and pet play.  I am a switch and can easily slide into the role of dom or sub.  However, I do tend to lean more dom.  I enjoy making custom content, because I feel its more intimate in a way; I enjoy making your dreams a reality.  I'm a friendly person, very open, and I enjoy talking with the people I meet here. 
I tend not to use the live chat feature do to some issues I've been having with it, but I do pop on once in awhile, or if asked to discuss a custom or purchase.

Cam Rates
Standard - $2/min
Anal (or some fetishes) - $3/min

Friends List Deals
This be a part of this, all you have to do is purchase something, or send me a few paid messages, THAN add me as a friend!  Friends list is cleared out every month or two, so to keep your benefits, make sure you keep active!
CURRENT FRIEND LIST DEAL: Buy two videos, get the third free. (the least expensive of the videos is the free video)

Current Content!

ASK ME ABOUT TABOO CONTENT and OLDER CONTENT, some videos are unlisted!  I am willing to do bundle deals - just ask and let me know what interests you!
>> open for customs! <<

**NEW!!** The xxxMas Elf ~ This lil elf is here to tease and please! In a red bra, green thong, and candy cane high socks (and some string lights) Lil miss elf poses for you, teasing your cock till its hard and throbbing. Than she sucks on a dildo seductively. and then makes herself cum by fucking her tight, pink pussy with that dildo! Mmm... she licks the cum off her fingers - So sweet and juicy! Lots on poses and angles, and close up shots! Holiday 2018 Collection. 11:52 - $8
Futa Cum Slave: The Milking Diaries 
~ You hear the story of this futa slave, wearing only body fishnets and body harnesses. while she strokes her cock; Once a girl without a penis, she was kidnapped and enslaved by her masters.  Every day, at least once a day, she must supply her master's with her cum.  To do what with, she doesn't know, but whatever it is they are EXTREMELY lustful over her and the other slaves' cum.  Whenever they supply a sample, they must record the process.  But she has seen her masters watching these vids for fun, too.  And she enjoys when the Masters watch her stoke her hard girl dick... She supplies them with lots of cum, a job well done! | With a shibari (rope) strap-on harness.  9:13 - $10

Succubus Spell 
~ This sultry succubus has been following you for awhile now; She's on a mission to find the PERFECT human man, and that's you! She puts you under her spell, you are overcome with the demon magic... You can't take your eyes off her body. She even shows off her adorable ruby butt plug to you... Perfect ass, amazing tits... You get so hard and your dick is throbbing. When she commands, you slide into her wet cunt and fuck that demonic pussy until she cums all over your cock. Then she sucks all her pussy juice off your cock, bringing you to climax all over her face. Her use for you is now complete, and she has been fed! 17:14 - $13
Goth GFE: Smoke and Makeup Run BJ 
~ As soon as I get home, we relax in
bed together for a bit and smoke a cigarette together.  But you have OTHER things on your mind, as you stare at me in my lil black top and fishnet stockings - a thong underneath.  Your cock is already hard when I take it right into my mouth - sucking your delicious dick and deeeeeep throating till I gag and my eyes water... All my goth makeup drips down my face as my eyes water from gagging so hard on your cock - My lipstick smeared across my
chin.  I then tit fuck your dick a bit - Before I get so eager for your cum I start BEGGING for it!Then I continue to sloppy suck that cock, lots of drool, till you cum in my mouth...Which I drool and spit onto my face to smear on with my make up.   11:38 - $10
Sheer Black Mesh: Late Night Panty Stuffing ~ In a completely see-thru bra and panty set, I begin by rubbing and teasing myself... Slipping my hands down my panties - But you can see right thru them!  I tease my clit, I pull my panties to the side, I spread my pussy with my fingers for you.  Then I take my panties right off, rub them on my pussy, and push them deeeppp inside of me... And cum all over them.  I pull them out - now cum covered, and shove them in my mouth... Take a lil sniff on my yummy panties. :D ~ 8:34 - $10
Feet and Body Worship + JOI 
~ In a pair of fishnet stockings, a thong, and a yellow zip-up jacket... I show off my body - my feet, my legs, my ass, my tits... All so perfect... You're so hypnotized by my body.  I make you take out your hard cock and tell you exactly what to do, what to focus on, and went to cum.  I slightly humiliate you in a teasing way, but nothing to intense... Just letting you know a perfect goddess like me is doing a simple man like you a favor for letting you take in my body and touch yourself to my beautiful feet and body.  I smoke a cigarette at a point, while instructing and teasing you.  I'm clearly in charge here, and you love it! 20:10 - $13
Sis Finds Bro's Hidden Spy Cam ~ HOW LONG HAS THIS CAM BEEN HERE?! Oh my god, I was sitting so it could see up my skirt ALL afternoon! I bet my perv of a brother did this! Well, I'll show him! If he wants a show, I'll give him a show! I'll show off all my goodies under this skirt... and rub my clit... And even fuck myself with this dildo I bet you never knew I had! Even if this is kinda fun... You're still a nasty pervert, Bro!  15:15 - $13
Pillow Humping for Sir ~ A custom I did that I enjoyed so much, I decided everyone should experience it. I grind and hump a pillow, rubbing my pussy thru my panties, while my Sir watched me and pleases himself. While I continue to rub my pussy and ass, pleasuring myself, I say things such as, "Do you enjoy watching me, Sir?" "Is this what you like, Sir? I only wish to please you!" I show off my big, beautiful ass to you - Because I know you love it oh so much.  6:46 - $5
Goth Babe Diaper Vibrations ~
I should be in bed!  But I am too distracted by my coloring and play time... So me and my stuffy think of a great idea!  Why not cum a bit, just to help me fall asleep?  I'm sure Daddy won't mind - He always lectures me on going to bed at bedtime so I won't be grumpy in the morning!  But I'm just not allowed to take my thick diaper off!  Now what?  OH!  I find my special, hidden toy... The vibrations are enough to vibe thru my thick diaper and tingle and tickle my pussy!  My diaper soaks up all my cum.
  I cum SO hard!  Now it's bedtime! 9:27 - $10
Booty Clench and Jiggle ~ Just three minutes of booty cleching and jiggling!  In short shorts... and I pull them into a wedgy to show my ass - and spread my cheeks. 3:12 - $4
Goth Bitch | Ass Worship & Face Sitting 
  You catch a glimpse of this sexy goth girl smoking a cig, and can't help but stare... But- Oh no! She catches you staring and is NOT happy about it! She's going to have to punish you for being such a pathetic boy... By crushing your face with her ass so you can't breath... And making you sniff and lick her ass hole... Before crushing you with her big ass again! You're such a loser! You're even enjoying it!! WOW... So pathetic you are! Now worship my ass, loser! 8:50 - $7
Pussy Play and Dick Sucking (B/G video) 
~ With a male partner!
We start off with him fingering me for a bit, getting me nice and hot and wet... So turned on, I already cum... Toes curling. It just feels soo good!  Before starting to suck his hard dick... Deep throating his cock and loving it.  Finally, again, he plays with my soaking wet pussy again... I'm so sensitive to the touch that my legs shake and I start to cum even harder this time!  5:36 - $10

Pull Ups and Pussy Play
~ Hi Daddy! You're sexy girl went all day wearing her big girl panties.  But now that I'm home, I'd feel better wearing my pull up... Cause sometimes I have accidents, I'm still learning! ;}~ But I AM a big girl, and I'll prove it too, by doing it all by myself! And with your permission, I'll cum for you too, Daddy! 17:00 - $13
Stuffy Humping ~ In cute lil frilly socks, black panties, and a cute shirt with a slit just perfect for my bouncy tits to rest in... I hump my lil stuffed plushy, both with and without panties.  First, I show off my jiggly ass and titties, then I have some of the most adorable fun ever!  Also good for anyone interested in age play / ddlg! 9:27 - $7
Goth Girlfriend Anal Your sexy goth girlfriend just sent you this hot video of her showing off her body, fingering her pussy, and fucking her ass with a glass dildo. ;3 Lots of pussy spreading, multiple angles and positions.  Cum multiple times.  9:58 - $13
Shibari & Hitachi : Cum in black panties ~
 Black rope harness, black panties, cute striped high socks. Topless besides my harness, I get so worked up and now I wanna play. First I tease you... and then, I take my hitachi toy and cum on my cute black panties. :}~ 5:24 - $5
Black Thong Booty Teaser ~
topless in black thong and black high socks. whole lota booty shakin and spreading and playing. :}~ 6:25 - $5

Nurse JOI ~ Dressed up like a sexy nurse, I begin lecturing you on why you haven't provided me with your cum sample yet... Why to make my job harder!  But I feel pretty generous, so I show off my body to you... tits, ass, pussy... And tell you exactly how to jerk that cock of yours!  But every time you feel you may cum... you must STOP!  You can't come till I say you can cum!  And that's with me, at the exact moment!  12:53 - $13

Sucking Cock POV w/ Facial - 1st b/g vid ~
My very first video filmed with a guy! I happily get to suck, lick and spit on his cock... I even give a lil tit fuck job. Finally, after some deep throat action, I let him cum aaall over my pretty face. :) So much fun, I had such a good time! I love sucking dick. :D 5:50 - $12

Sexy Nun JOI and CEI ~
This sexy nun just caught you jerking off!  Oh no!  You're gonna be in so much trouble!  Wait... I'm trying to help?  I teach you how to properly jerk off that cock of yours, make you cum into a cup... And I tell you to suck, sip, and lick up all that cum!  We can't waste a drop!  Your seed is a precious gift from God! 6:24 - $7
Close Up Dildo Fuck ~
Just a lil clip of me fucking my tight, wet pussy (so wet you can clearly hear it in the vid) up close with a pink, glass dildo. 2:05 - $3
Kitty Slave Gagged and Forbidden to Cum ~
  This lil kitty has stayed out too late past her curfew, and her master is not pleased. :/~ In order to win her Master's affection again, she remembers some of his favorite things to do as punishments, and teaches herself a lesson. Sucks on a glass tentacle, before putting in her gag and bringing herself ~almost~ to ecstasy, but only when master says it is allowed. 15:06 - $10
Cum 3 Times in 3 Positions ~
Just a straight forward clips of three awesome, sexy angles to capture the best shots of me in three different positions.  I cum each time, before switching to another.  Some good views of my feet and legs!  And of coarse my pussy and asshole, too!  If you're into something straight to the sexy point, this is for you! 9:44 - $5
Succubus Trance / Suck, Fuck & CreamPie ~
The most adorable succubus stumbles upon you tonight by sheer luck... Every night, she travels to our realm, in search of a human man... She needs his cum to fill her, in order to completely restore her power.  She puts you into a deep trance, and now you are her mind slave!  You'll happily obey her every word... And forget all about this in the morning.  First, she instructs you to get out your cock.  She tells you to stroke it... Get it nice and hard for her.  Then, she sucks you dick ravenously... Before she just can't take it anymore!  She needs your human dick inside of her, and now!  She tells you to fuck her... Of coarse, you obey.  You bring her to ecstasy; Almost restoring her full power... But not quite yet. Then, you cum deep inside her tight pussy... Truly giving her what she needs.  A lovely, dripping cream pie... And total power.  She plays with your cum while it leaks out of her and giggles... Before telling you to rest now.  In the morning, you won't remember a thing. 16:32 - $10
Anal Training ~
In this sexy lil video, I play around with my adorable, heart-shaped gem, butt plug set.  First, I tease you and show off my body.  I'm wearing a cute but sexy little bra and panty set!  Then, I pull down my panties and get to work!  I start with the smallest plug, pushing it in and pulling it out of my tight ass... Before moving onto the next size, and then the next!  Stretching out my tight lil asshole, plug by plug. 5:53 - $6
Bondage Bunny ~
This cute lil rope bunny gags herself, while in a simple rope harness... She makes herself cum multiple times with her hitachi, in multiple positions. ;) 12:28 - $8
Loving Girlfriend Fuck & Creampie ~
After a long, hard, day of work, you come home to be greeted by your adorable, loving girlfriend. She can see it on your face you've had a rough day, and she wants nothing more than to cheer you up! She shows off and teases you in her new lingerie, then you watch her gently finger herself. She loves to show off for you! Finally, you fuck her in multiple positions, before filling her with your cum. She shows off her dripping, cum covered pussy... she squeezes it out, and plays with your cum. 11:43 - $8
Banana Cream Pie ~
This video is bananas~ hehe. Sucking and fucking bananas in multiple angles and positions. Lots of teasing and booty shaking. Finish off with a cream pie shot; I push cum out, make things messy with some cum play, then fuck some more! If you stick around, at the end, you can watch me chill and snack. A fun, cute, sexy good time! 11:02 - $8
Cum Rag Slut : Hitachi Tease and Gag ~
I'm you're slutty lil bimbo, just a stupid cum rag for you to use. I spank my fat ass red, and punish myself real good... before pleasuring myself, as well. I break out the hitachi and edge myself; not letting myself cum until the perfect moment. First in panties, then I show off my lovely pink pussy to you. I gag myself half way through... but you can still hear some screams of pleasure... 10:59 - $8
Cutie Pillow Humping ~
Watch this lil thick cutie hump a soft, squishy pillow until orgasm! Starting off in a cute strawberry microkini, and stripping until she's in nothing but knee-high socks... Lots of great angles! Then, after she cums, she gives to a lil tour of that perfect, pink, pretty, pussy of her's! 7:34 - $5
Sweet Heart Anal Plug and Hitachi Cum ~
This little cutie shows off her adorable white onesie and high knee high socks; She looks absolutely darling and ohhh so sexy!  And what's that...?  A precious little gem anal plug in her tight ass!  First she teases... Showing off her adorable and curvy body to tease you... Before pushing her onesie to the side and fingering herself... Rubbing her clit... Until she's ready to pull out her hitachi toy!  She plays in multiple positions, showing off for you... Until cumming SO hard and longgg do to the anal plug... Plugs make every orgasm better!  14:04 - $10
1920's Bordello // Smoking and Fingering
A 1920's bordello/ "working girl" role play. A bit nervous you're first time in the place, a sweet working girl sets you at ease... smokes a cigarette with you, and puts on a show. ;) JOE, dirty talk, smoking, and fingers only masturbation... While in high socks, a velvet and lace top, and matching lace panties. 7:20 - $6
Sexy Tutor JOI Cum Countdown ~
Lydia has been assigned as a tutor to you, since you haven't been doing very well in school. But when you two meet up, it's clear she only has one thing on her dirty lil mind... She gently teases your virgin cock with her tongue and lips... Before putting on quite a show for you. To prove how bad she's been, she spanks herself with a ruler, while instructing you to stroke your cock while watching. Then, 1... 2... 3...! She commands you to cum with her, while she plays with her pussy and swollen clit... But is that all she has planned!? (Part 2, cumming soon) 10:25 - $10
Balloon Bouncing and Humping ~
Watch me blow up, play, hump, and pop balloons! I have lots of fun, humping the balloons and bouncing my bum on them till they pop! I show of and spank my ass, and show off and ginger my pink cute pussy. Lots of pleasure, lots of fun! Even those without a balloon fetish can enjoy this fun video. 5:47 - $5

Smoking before Birthday Gangbang ~ A custom that came out so good, I let everyone enjoy it!  GF experience video, where its my birthday and I invited many guys over to fuck me. I wake you up to warm me up for them, and tell you how much I want to fuck them while smoking cigarettes, and riding your cock.  Then I walk out before you get to cum! 12:44 - $10
Vampy Smokey BJ A super sexxxy boy/girl blowjob video where I suck, tease, and blow smoke on this lovely cock... and play with and tease myself as well ~ By the end I'm rubbing his cock on my clit, and cover my face is cum. 13:08 - $15
Mirror Fuck in Black Lingerie 
~ In black bra, panties, and high socks... I sit on my mirror to give you the best view of everything... You can see my pussy and ass so well over this mirror!  I start by teasing and playing with my pussy, before sliding of my panties and getting to work.  I fuck myself with my fingers and a realistic dildo... Till I cum sooo hard and creamy! This video focuses on my body, pussy and ass... Multiple positions showing off the best views of fucking my cunt for you! 7:44 - $10
Messy Late Night Fuck - Boy/Girl, set of 3 video clips ~
3 video clips of me and a guy having a hot late night fuck. :) My hair is super wild and we have a great time.  The clips include a bj, makeout and fingering, and some 69 action. $6

More older and unlisted content! Just ask!

Clowning Around Mini - (10 pics) $5
Clowning Around FULL + Mini - (30 pics + 10 pics) $12
xxxMas Tease - (20 pics) $8

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