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  • British Girl 🇬🇧
  • Redhead
  • Curvy
  • Full time accounting student
  • Part time internet slut 😋
  • INFJ
  • nature & animal lover 🌴🐆


- My offers are a small glimpse into my content folder, feel free to ask what else I have 📸😈 -


im open to anyone and anything but one thing I ask is please do not pester my live chat everyday if you have never contributed to me, I don’t wanna have to tell you to sling ya hook 🥰

thank you to everyone on my friends list, you make being here an absolute pleasure 😘


P.s if we have never spoken before and don’t know eachother and you think it’s appropriate to send me pics of your dick out of the blue, I will assume you are on the sex offenders register. Thank you.