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Hello fellow internet perv ;) Welcome to my world.

As you can see, I've been here a long time. I love this site & I love what I do.

Before you pass me up for being "fake," having "too many ratings," or assume I'm busy, remember this: Shouldn't judge a book by its cover.

Wholesome, slutty babe just trying to make it & getting sexy along the way.

Super kinky with tons of hot content, but I'm mostly a conversationalist & confidant. Definitely the girlfriend type.

I love TRAVEL, nature, animals, anything beautiful, food, & music.

Msg me to know more. <3 

Because so many ask, here's my content list! 

Photo Sets

Solo vids (Newest to oldest) *I also have $5 clips

(6:12) Foot Fetish Orgasm-$15 

(6:17) Busty Babe Quickie Orgasm-$12 

(7:10) Cumming in the Mountains-$25 

(7:17) Dancing in my Undies-$10 

(4:00) Bitchy SPH JOI-$15 

(7:44) Trying on Bras-$12

(6:07) Dangling Tits GFE-$12

(5:13) Big Tit GF JOI-$12

(5:10) Cuckold Oral Lesson-$15

(6:14) Slut in Skirt Fingers Asshole-$15

(5:27) Cum On My Tits Daddy-$12

(12:21) GF Masturbation JOI-$25

(8:54) Riding My Fave Dildo-$20

(6:16) Cumming in V-day Lingerie-$10

(6:06) Eating a Cupcake in V-day Lingerie-$5

(4:26) Valentine's Day JOE-$10

(29:18) Massive Dildo-$35

(9:23) Edged Cunt Finally Cums-$20

(5:03) Goth Slut Shower BJ-$10

(10:00) Goth Slut Dirty Talk Orgasm-$20

(3:24) Slurping Daddy's Dick-$10. MSG FOR PREVIEW

(7:06) Soapy Tits-$15


(3:46) Cum on My Tits JOE-$10

(5:22) Strip & Play Quickie-$10

(12:28) Santa's Slut-$25

(3:38) Bushy Pussy Dildo Fuck-$10. MSG FOR PREVIEW

(8:00) Sunlit Boob Play-$20

(8:38) Cumming in Front of My Window-$20 *Bush

(5:03) Striptease-$10

(11:31) 1st Attempt Anal With Realistic Dildo-$25

(4:06) Twerking-$10

(5:01) Stretching My Asshole-$15. MSG FOR PREVIEW


(6:23) Bad Dragon Closeup-$15. MSG FOR PREVIEW

(7:23) My Pregnancy Fetish-$20. MSG FOR PREVIEW

(9:15) Horny GF Misses Your Cock-$20

(4:56) Lingerie Boob JOE-$10

(4:32) Clit Play With Stranger Outside Tent-$10. MSG FOR PREVIEW

(11:57) Bad Dragon-$25

(9:44) Bad Dragon BJ/Facial-$25. MSG FOR PREVIEW

(5:18) Schoolgirl Rides Daddy's Cock-$10

(10:30) BJ+Titfuck for Daddy-$20. MSG FOR PREVIEW

(8:29) Mutual Masturbation Ass JOE-$20

(10:13) Dildo Ride in Thigh High Socks-$20. MSG FOR PREVIEW

(5:19) Tanlines+Lingerie Boob JOE-$10

(4:07) Sexy Sloppy BJ-$10. MSG FOR PREVIEW

(5:09) Closeup Hairy Orgasm-$10. MSG FOR PREVIEW

(11:22) Red Dress BBC Dildo Ride-$20. MSG FOR PREVIEW

(5:04) Hairy Pussy Selfie Style-$10. MSG FOR PREVIEW

(5:01) Playing With My Tits-$10. MSG FOR PREVIEW

(4:54) Boob Job Roleplay-$10

(3:46) POV Sloppy BJ-$10. MSG FOR PREVIEW

(5:35) GF Wants Bigger Tits-$10

(9:36) Hairy Creampie+Orgasm-$20. MSG FOR PREVIEW

(11:35) Mutual Masturbation JOI-$20

(6:05) Butt Plug Orgasm-$10. MSG FOR PREVIEW

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(10:42) Hairy Slut Sucks & Cums-$20. MSG FOR PREVIEW


(9:02) Hairy Pussy & Dirty Talk-$20. MSG FOR PREVIEW

(21:18) Shower-$30

(10:40) Sexy Boots Cum-$20. MSG FOR PREVIEW

(10:45) BBC Titfuck+Suck-$20. MSG FOR PREVIEW

(7:38) Clit Pump Orgasm-$10. MSG FOR PREVIEW

(3:48) Hottest Creamy Closeup-$10. MSG FOR PREVIEW

(13:56) Purple Fairy Suck+Fuck-$30

(8:59) Micro Bikini+Black Lipstick-$20

(4:48) Rearview Creampie in Stockings-$10. MSG FOR PREVIEW

(11:15) Make Me Pregnant-$20

(15:42) Cum For Daddy-$20

(5:34) Glass Dildo Butt Fun-$15. MSG FOR PREVIEW

(5:07) 1st Time Anal-$15. MSG FOR PREVIEW

(10:24) Sister In-Law Facial-$20. MSG FOR PREVIEW

(9:43) BBC Dildo Ride in Knee Socks-$20. MSG FOR PREVIEW

(10:42) Homewrecker Impregnation Fantasy-$20. MSG FOR PREVIEW

(10:09) Slutty Maid Exposed-$20

(5:25) Fucking My Bush-$10. MSG FOR PREVIEW


Boy/Girl Vids (Newest to oldest) *$20 for 10 creampie clips

(2:09) Cumming While Fucked Hard-$12. MSG FOR PREVIEW

(13:45) Sunlit Sex+Facial-$35. MSG FOR PREVIEW

(15:01) Slut Fucked in Stockings-$35


(2:37) Handjob+Roadhead-$12. MSG FOR PREVIEW

(5:46) Hotel Creampie-$20. MSG FOR PREVIEW

(9:17) Creampie Ride-$25. MSG FOR PREVIEW

(14:07) Morning Sex-$25. MSG FOR PREVIEW


(10:49) Hottest Titfuck-$25

(4:48) Side View Doggy Pounding-$20. MSG FOR PREVIEW

(8:48) Red Lipstick Facial-$25. MSG FOR PREVIEW

(3:07) Face Sitting/Breast Smothering-$15

(2:12) Closeup Doggy Bush Creampie-$12

(2:52) Dick Riding-$12. MSG FOR PREVIEW

(1:38) Rearview Bush Creampie-$12. MSG FOR PREVIEW

(7:25) POV Sex in Micro Bikini-$20

(5:07) Huge Tits Get Fucked POV-$20

(3:20) Deepthroat Training-$15. MSG FOR PREVIEW

(10:47) Upskirt Fuck-$20 *BBW. MSG FOR PREVIEW

(8:39) Fucked Against Kitchen Stove-$20 *BBW. MSG FOR PREVIEW

(10:49) Enigma Gets Drilled Hard-$20 *BBW. MSG FOR PREVIEW


(10:05) Pound My Pillows POV-$25. MSG FOR PREVIEW



PSA: To all the guys who overlook me because I'm not "new" anymore...you're missing out. I'm not the same person I was 2 months ago, let alone a yr, 2 yrs, 3 yrs ago. I am an ever-changing woman with so much to offer. If you refuse to talk to me because that "intimidates" you or devalue me based off how long I've been here, I'm sorry you feel that way. Truly.