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                                 My name is Emma..

                   Sign: Virgo                     Age: 28

                                      Height: 5'4"

                        You never ask a woman her weight!

     MILF with a Curvy body dying to be shared and explored!


                                         All-Natural Redhead!

                                     Bare faced and all over the place.

                             Yes the carpet matches the drapes!

                           I'd bet money I can do it better than your wife!



        Why I'm Here..

I use this site to outlet my sexual creative energy and delve into my kinkiest inner most desires. I am an EXHIBITIONIST that loves being seen and making great content that I genuinely enjoy creating. I am EXTREMELY open minded, EXCEPTIONALLY kinky and EAGER to fullfill your wildest dreams!

   Want to come with me to the dark side?

I know my time is valuable. Please be respectful of it by kindly not wasting it. We know why we are both here. Mutual respect goes a long way with me!

                              It's that simple.




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             Photo Sets


1. Pregnant Shower Big pregnant bump, full tits and hairy pussy all soaped up and getting nice and clean! Contains nudity

14 Photos- 15 Credits 


2. Pregnant Masterbation Hopping on a pink dildo suctioned to the floor in the middle of the kitchen wearing sheer light purple lingerie. Contains nudity.

14 Photos- 15 Credits


3. Bruised Ass Beating Close up shots of my welted and bruised ass from a savage beating. I love how it stings and warms my cheeks. I feel so naughty!

15 Photos- 15 Credits 


 4. Pretty Yellow Dress Sluttily showing off my assets while masterbating in a pretty yellow dress and cute thong. Isn't it adorable?  Contains nudity. 

22 Photos - 15 Credits


5. Naughty Christmas 2019 A photo set from last Christmas of me having a bit of holiday inspired fun. Contains nudity.

23 Photos - 15 Credits


 6. Haytime Outdoor Stripping outdoors and playing with myself ontop and around a haybale on a nearby farm. Hope the owners didn't spot me! Contains nudity.

29 Photos - 20 Credits 


7. Hairy MILF Body Showing off my hairy post-pregnancy body. Various shots of hairy legs, armpits, pussy and asshole. If you like body hair this is for you!

17 Photos - 20 Credits


8. Oiled-up Breasts Oiling up my milk-filled, puffy pink nippled breasts and showing them off while groping and squeezing them.  Contains topless photos with face.

24 Photos - 20 Credits 


9. All about the Ass My best photos of my slappable and jiggly behind not in other sets. If you know me my ass is always begging for a beating.  Includes post spankings, bruised cheeks, outdoors and normal shots. Contains nudity.

37 Photos - 20 Credits


10. Pretty Kitty Collection My best photos of my pretty pink pussy not in other sets. Hairy/Trimmed/Shaved and soaking wet. Who wants to play? Meow. 

28 Photos - 20 Credits


11. The Breast Collection My best photos of my perky and full tits not in other sets. Includes photos of pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and full milky boobs. Contains nudity.

31 Photos - 20 Credits


12. Cumshot Collection All photos uploaded showing a cumshot on my breasts, stomach and face. Including cream pies. Most photos contain face. Obviously contains nudity.

25 Photos - 20 Credits 


13. Snaps Collection All snap photos and clips I have accumulated since starting MGF. (Including friends only snaps) Contains partial/full nudity, teasers and selfies.

100s of Photos/Clips - 35 Credits 

                   All sets for 80 Credits 







Photo sets 10 Credits each with purchase of movies.                                 This offer excludes clip purchases



1. Quick Pregnant Blowjob w/Hubs 3:02

2. POV Missionary w/ Hubs(My POV) 5:26

3. My First Anal 6:18

4. Rough Anal 6:20

5. Stranger Cums on me (Cock sucking/fucking) 7:17

6. Doggy Creampie 8:08

7. Sexy Blowjob 8:14

8. Outdoor Fuck 8:59

9. Shower Throat Fuck 9:14

10. Creampie w/ Hubs 1 & 2 6:02/5:15

11. Couch Deepthroat(Male POV) 11:20

12. MMF cock sucking/fuck (bi scenes are included in video)13:00

13. Cocksuck/Pussylick/Fuck 13:20

14. Stranger fuck/ cock slapping/ sloppy bj+ pussy eating ending in creampie 16:00 + 3:54 + 5:19 (3 videos included)  

15. MMF Threesome Fuck with husband and Stranger 35:56(Bi scenes included with a 4 min creampie video of new guy filling me after recording)




1. Early Preggo Dildo Play 2:45

2. Basement Cum 5:03

3. Late Preggo Finger Fuck 5:05

4. Whipped Creamy Tits 5:09

5. Bump Shower Scrub 6:30

6. Late Preggo Roleplay/Dildo 11:30




1. Panty Stuffing 3:02

2. Public Bathroom Pussy Play 3:09

3. Post Malone Rockstar Strip 3:43

4. Bathroom Twerking(Thong) 4:00

5. Bed Twerking (Bottomless) 4:00

6. Metallica Stripping 4:04

7. Haybale Masterbation 4:31

8. Oiled-up Breast Play 4:37

9. No music Stripping 4:48

10. Dildo Deepthroat 5:00

11. Lotioning Breasts 5:09

12. All Holes Carrot Masterbation 5:19

13. Hairy Lush Play 7:35

14. Slave Kitty with Hitachi Wand 10:25

15. School Girl Roleplay/Dildo fucking 13:09



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 Content created with s20+ Samsung Galaxy/ s22 Samsung Ultra Phones

All content created is Amateur Quality 

                         Raw and Unedited

         What you would expect from a girlfriend!


Custom videos can be made by request. Custom videos are 5 minutes minimum. At 10 Credits per minute. Please discuss content details in the tip note of your contribution. Allow a few days to create your masterpiece unless otherwise agreed. 

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