I have new gushing videos available! I'm having so much fun making them...

If you like true sexy stories, I have great ones available in exchange for donations...I could even record myself reading it for you if that's more your style.   :)

I'm a bit of a nerdy tomboy...I love playing and listening to music of all kinds, reading, writing, traveling, learning, getting outside, and getting dirty. I have some tattoos with plans to get more. Specifically, I'd like to add to the half sleeve I currently have, and augment the ones on my hip. I can't decide if it's a good thing or a bad thing that most of my tattoos are in memory of those I've lost.

So what do I write about here? Personality traits, kinks? Hmmm, where to begin?

I've been told time and time again that I'm an excellent, talented, attentive lover...I'm submissive but can take a gentle lead when it's required - especially when I have my keyboard to hide behind. I've been seriously considering pursuing some sort of sexual shamanism/surrogacy as my life's work. It is truly a passion for me to make sure everyone gets what they need. I consider myself a bit of a sexual crusader for the nerds and ne'erdowells. A friend once said I was "some kind of sexy manna from heaven". Ha.

I've been really into the idea of a firm-handed Daddy/daughter situation, but that's just the tip (of the iceberg, perv).

I'm also super into audio. I love the sound of a man grunting and moaning as he finds full release...and if he's calling me kitten, baby, or telling me how good my cunt feels while he does it, all the better. I love recording audio of my own as well. I've been loving playing with myself through an entire song, coming only in the last notes. Perhaps you have a favourite song you'd like me to accompany?

I'm honestly very sexually open-minded, and I'd really hate to pigeon-hole myself by listing things here. Some things to note:

* I gush. Quite a lot. I squirt nearly every time, but when I really get going, look out. Seriously.

* I am definitely submissive, especially for Daddy or a man with a collar for me. Wanna talk about it?

* Sadly, I'm not online as often as I'd like. If you catch me on here, great! You found the unicorn. :) But it works best to set up a mutually convenient time so that you'll be sure to find me. Generally evenings and weekends are best...