Inbox me for custom fun 😘

TEXAS CHERRY BOMB REDISCOVERING HER SEXUALITY and I am in my prime...looking for fun, friendship, and open-minded to just about everything. My heart is full of love, I'm a great friend, I am very talkative and friendly and sexy, and I have a firecracker personality. I’m bisexual and have some naughty fun kinks, I love horror and film in general, Halloween, and all things spooky, metal music, concerts, SEX, laughing, going to conventions, texting with friends, playing video games and being a nerd, reading, and living every day with JOY and LOVE and ORGASMS 🍒

I'm petite and have curves in all the right places, and I believe our bodies are built for pleasure and we are all beautiful. 

Yes, my boobs are real and I'm 100% natural....I love my scars, tattoos, and freckles. They make me ME

Yes, this is my real crazy, naturally curly hair...kinda represents my personality

I love sexting and dirty talk and making custom videos and having fun with sex and making fun friends to do these things with. I am respectful and expect respect in keep the name calling to yourself :)  

my username comes from a song....if you know it, you get a cookie :) (but not one with raisins..those are eww) and it doesn't mean I'm a sub, it means I am a slave to is what it's all about y'all. But I'll play sub if it gets you off...I love to give pleasure! MMMmm there's nothing better, and we ALL deserve it. Tell me your dirty secrets..I won't judge, and chances are, I have some of the same ones! (don't tell!) 

I’m a writer and editor by trade....word nerd :) 


Send me pics if you want, I love to look, I love to watch, I love to get off to what gets you off. I'm like a horny teenage boy in the body of a curvy little queen who always gets her way. 

I quote Wayne's World almost daily, live for horror, and want to marry Rob Zombie. I laugh too loud, curse a lot, and adore animals so much that I don't eat them (not even the ugly ones)