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merry Christmas!


I've decided to take a bit of a break from making videos and camming for a while. Videos listed will still be available at regular price ($75 for all video content). 

Hopefully I will be back, but lately this place seems fruitless. Maybe someone can change my mind. 


Get ALL 140+ of my webcam slut shots for $15. Ranging from lingerie pics to spread wide open for you. Get a little taste of what I'm all about.

Get ALL my videos for $75 (that's more than 1/2 off)

Hi, I'm Panda, 5', red hair, green eyes, and 42G tits and 54" hips.

I love: taking ur money, masturbating, being naked, being fat, and girls with big asses,

I hate: cheapskates, when I can't be naked, guys with no sex game.

Camming rates:

5 minutes - $15

10 minutes -$25

15 minutes - $30

Anything above 15 just ask :) 

(will not do anal on cam)

Custom vids: starting at $15 for a custom masturbation video, upwards for freaky stuff.

Available videos:

1. Stripping out of sweats and a t-shirt, playing with my pink sparkly toy, gushing (3:16) -$5

2. Playing with my nice shaved self with nice nails, fingering (3:30) -$5

3. Spread apart playing with myself with my pink sparkly toy, creaming and gushing (2:32) -$5

4. Spreading my lips and showing off and rubbing myself with nice nails (3:12) -$5

5. Playing with my pink sparkly toy with black panties on my leg, gushing (1:34) - ONE PAID MESSAGE

6. Stripping out of a suit and button down to thong and bra, then taking my bra off and toying myself, showing off my wet panties, then sucking my toy while its between my tits (12:50) -$10

8. Pretty and shaved and toying with my pink sparkly toy. Cream and gushing (9:00) -$10

9. Unshaven and playing with my pink sparkly toy. Watch cum spill out of me then I suck my toy clean. (7:10) -$10

10. Showering in a white tee and panties, soaking them through. Playing with the showerhead (2:39) - ONE PAID MESSAGE

11. Playing with the showerhead again, and lathering up my huge tits with bodywash (2:33) -$5

12. Up close and personal, shaved, with my pink sparkly toy (1:23) - ONE PAID MESSAGE

14. Toying in someone else's house! I was house sitting and got horny. Loud moans, gushing, and and backshots (5:40) -$5

15. Standing and using a bullet vibrator on myself, shaved, creaming (3:59) -$5

17. Playing with my expensive vibrator, creaming and gushing, unshaven, and cleaning my toy off with my mouth (6:18) -$5

18. Backshots in an orange thong with a glass toy (2:09) -$5

19. Up close with my Flip cam, good moans, me talking, creaming and gushing (4:59) -$5

20. Playing with my huge tits, showing off my fat ass, then playing with my expensive toy, riding it from behind (9:00) - $10

 21. First attempt at panty-stuffing, then soaking them with my juices as I toy with my favorite one (11:03 NO SOUND) - $5

22. Nude hula hooping (5:03) - ONE PAID MESSAGE

23. Fishnet and Leather. Wearing a leather jacket and knee high boots I cut myself out of a pair of fishnets, show off my ass in a black thong, lick my thong, and stuff it into my hole while I toy myself. Then I clean my toy with my mouth. (11:14) - $10

24. Dripping wet in my Batman teeshirt and yellow thong. Lots of good ass shots (4:28) - $5

25. Shaving my hairy kitty (11:57) - $10

26. Balloons! I sit on a giant balloon and blow another one up, then pop them both! (6:09) - $15

27. A good spanking video of my ex smacking my fat ass as punishment. (4:19) - $5

28. Me blowing my ex and him finishing all over my face (7:07) - $15

29. Me and my ex fucking. I hate this video. Too much of his ass in it. But lots of good close up shots of my beautiful pale kitten taking his darkness. Very sexy. (11:39) - $15

30. I play with my Hitachi in black lace lingerie. (5:21) -$5

31. I try to shake my ass to some hip-hop then toy myself with load moans until I'm dripping wet. (4:30) -$5

32. I ride my glass toy frontwards and from behind. This video is very dark as in you can't see much. (4:38) - ONE PAID MESSAGE

33. Took this video when I started getting REALLY fat. You can see the stretchmarks on my belly very clearly. I play with my Hitachi and then a glass toy while I moan loudly and you hear me get very wet. Then I lube up a plug and insert that too. (8:26) -$5

34. Brand spankin' new video. After being teased all day at work I come home to play with one of my expensive toys. My first new video after my year long hiatus! Shot with my HD cam. (5:50) - $5

35. Lotioning up my luscious boobs and belly with cocoa butter. ONE PAID MESSAGE

36. Spreading open my beautiful kitty so you can see deep inside and getting so wet with a glass toy. Unshaven (10:36) $25

37. I'm so fancy. I was bored so I popped out of my dress and toyed myself with a fancy gem-covered toy that matches my fancy gem-covered nails. Upskirt shot of my beautiful shaved kitty spread open to play with. (3:49) - $5

38. Hitachi till it hurts. My friend dared me to hold my hitachi on my clit as long as I could. I lasted 7 minutes, but my program cut it off :( (5:10) - $5

39. Riding from behind. I ride my glass toy from behind. You can hear how wet I am. ONE PAID MESSAGE

40. Riding my mirror mounted toy. Watch my belly jiggle and my boobs sway while I make myself cum on my big pink toy. (4:02) -$5

41. I use my black panties to tease and caress my clit until I am dripping wet (7:02) - $5

42. New booty shake video with thong on and off showing off my pretty kitty. ONE PAID MESSAGE

43. Lazy masturbation. 10 minutes of me lazily playing with my pussy with my fingers. (10:00) -$10

44. Black dress. I tease you in and out of my black dress. Lots of boob play in this one. Red lipstick too. It's cute. (6:04) -$10

45. Twelve inches and fishnet. Wearing my new fishnet bodysuit I spank my fat ass with my 12" double dildo and then ride it taking it almost all in! (4:49) -$5

46. Pillow humping. I hump my panda pillow pet (3:25) -$3

47. High masturbation. I was naughty and smoked topless and played with myself. I have a loud orgasm. (5:55) $5 

48. Cute standing masturbation. I look adorable and have a loud orgasm with my hitachi while standing in front of my mirror. (5:58) $5

49. Boobie Playing. I jiggle bounce and oil up my boobies before titfucking my big jelly dildo. Ends with a close up of my juicy pussy as I stroke and play with it. (10:02) $10

50. ATL Hotel. I made a special video thinking of you in my ATL hotel room. I talk to you about my trip, and spread my pussy wide open with an expensive dildo. I moan loudly. (6:32) $10

51. Panties! I just bought 5 new pairs of big cotton granny panties from Victoria's Secret and they're so comfy and big I just want to show them off for you! Includes belly and bum shaking and panty fetish (4:32) $5